Tom green county judicial records
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Learn About The Tom Green County Judicial Records

The Tom Green County Appraisal District’s Chief Appraiser and staff aim to give their users accurate and usable information to help them discover all of the facts they need. They are committed to helping the people of this county in whatever manner they can.

About Tom Green County

About Tom Green County

Situated on top of the Edwards Plateau, Tom Green County came into existence in 1874. The county was named after Tom Green, a Confederate soldier. The county spans 60,000 sq. miles.

When the Tom Green County Judicial Records were established, its bounds stretched as far north as Mitchell County and as far west as Loving County. However, residents of the west portion voted to separate and become Reagan County.

Tom Green County Judicial Court, Public, And Arrest Records

Tom Green County is located in Texas, which is a large state. The last recorded consensus in 2019 put the population of the county at 119,200. This means that you can find information on almost 120,000 individuals. There are different types of information and public records that you can access.

Records Of Arrests

There were 29 violent crimes and 403 property crimes in the county in 2016. In a standard year, the crime rate is around 34.22 per 1,000 residents, which translates to 4,080 crimes annually.

Criminal Records In Tom Green County

Police in Tom Green County, like police in every other county in America, are obligated to preserve an up-to-date list of all sex offenders who live within their jurisdiction. This register keeps track of individuals who live in the region and those who work, go to school, and are jailed. The right to view the list in question belongs to all members of the community. People in Tom Green County can use online search tools to find every sex offender within a certain radius of their house.

Records Of The County Courts

The County Clerk’s Office handles all criminal, family, and civil proceedings in Tom Green County judicial records. The County Clerk collects and preserves all documents related to matters heard in Tom Green County. Someone must inquire online or purchase copies in person to locate one of these case files.

Public Records In Tom Green County

The County Clerk keeps track of all Tom Green County information. These critical papers include information about people’s significant life experiences. The sensitive information might include information on a person’s marriage, divorce, birth, death, and many more details. The documents themselves include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce information, among other things. All of the files are saved together in a single vital file registry, which will later be utilized for statistical analysis.

People have the right to request access to these documents. These people are frequently utilized to get access to records. Someone must normally place the request in writing and provide a photocopy of some picture ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The Objective Of Tom Green County Judicial Records

judicial review

The Tom Green County judicial records objective is to evaluate all property in the Tom Green County Appraisal District at market value and convey that value to each taxpayer yearly.

They will deliver excellent service while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, ethics, and respect. The Tom Green County judicial records aim to sustain these standards by delivering an accurate, fair, and cost-effective appraisal roll and tax collection following Texas legislation.

Payment Of Property Taxes Over The Internet

Go to your account page and look for the tax summary information. The tax summary information may be found by clicking the Tax Summary tab at the top of your property information page once you’ve seen your account. If you have taxes due, a link will appear once you are on the tax summary page. After that, you can pay with an electronic check or a credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.

What Does It Mean To Have A Public Judiciary Record?

You may check public records to learn more about someone you’ve gone on a few dates with or to see what information others have about you. While some documents are available for free, some require a nominal fee to view.

You can get broad information from public records, which contain stuff that is open to the public. When you hunt for someone having problems with the law as a minor, you’ll frequently find that the court sealed their records. The majority of juvenile criminal records are not available to the general public.

The sort of records you access will determine the information you find. If you search for the couple’s complete name in marriage records, you’ll find it. Marriage records also include information on the location and date of the wedding.

The records may also reveal the names of any witnesses present and the officiant who presided over the ceremony. The names of the parents and the complete name of the kid will be listed on the birth certificate. It should also include the name of the hospital or birthplace and the precise day and time of the child’s birth.

What Are The Different Types Of Public Documents?

Public documents are divided into several groups. The records you can view will typically be determined by the court that keeps them. You may use criminal records to see if the person has ever been in trouble with the law. These records will show you not only which offenses the person was charged with and where the incidents occurred, but also whether or not the person was sentenced to prison.

Even if a person is proven innocent, certain court records will reveal any charges they face. The following are examples of public records that may be seen online or in-person:

  • Certificates of birth
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure filings
  • Property records
  • Criminal records
  • Marriage and divorce records

You may learn more about a person’s property by looking at their property records. The tax assessor’s office or the auditor’s office are frequently able to provide these documents. You can see when and how much the owner paid for the property, as well as the appraised value and if it owes any back taxes. Arrest reports, court proceedings, and the register that keeps track of sex offenders are all included in criminal records.

What Is A Mugshot?

When looking through Tom Green County judicial records or criminal records, you’ll frequently run across mugshots. A mugshot is a photograph taken at the jail when a person is arrested. It usually depicts the person standing and facing the camera. Identifying information, such as the date of the arrest and the individual’s height, may be included in some mugshots. Photos of any identifiable markings on the individual, such as tattoos and scars, may be kept in jails. This ensures that the individual you’re looking for is the same as the one listed in the report.

Is It Possible For Anybody To Have Access To Public Records?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law that gives the public access to certain government documents. Each state has the authority to amend this act to limit the information you may read and how you can access Tom Green County judicial records depending on their standards. Many states also empower counties and localities to establish their own rules. You may only be able to examine specific sorts of documents online. You’ll need to go to the courthouse or other county facilities for all other sorts of documents.

What Are Your Options For Obtaining Public Records?

The internet is one of the most effective ways to obtain public documents in Tom Green County judicial records. It would help if you began by contacting several agencies and offices, such as the tax assessor’s office, which is in charge of property records.

The recorder’s office may frequently give further information regarding property owners, such as past taxes owed or whether the property is in foreclosure. You may also utilize that data to determine the current value of the property. Some websites compile public documents and allow you to examine them all in one spot. You can search for the person’s name and choose them based on age and other identifying characteristics.

You can also go to the courthouse and offices mentioned in the Tom Green County judicial records or the city where the person resided or now resides. This is beneficial since personnel may frequently assist you in searching through the data and ensure that you find the information you want. The majority of these businesses also make it simple to make copies of all of your records to take home with you.

What Kind Of Information May Be Found?

Advantages of Having a Criminal Defense Lawyer


You can get HD-quality mugshots of people who the police have arrested. They effectively obtain mugshots from tens of thousands of valid databases made public by federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations.

Records Of Arrests

Choose the optimized filter system to find arrest records, suspects’ names, dates and locations of crimes they committed, any charges filed, case number, and many more details.


Learn about court-signed warrants using your lookup tool. Right quickly, look up the name of the suspect and the crime being investigated.

Traffic Infractions

Have they ever been convicted of a traffic offense, such as speeding or driving while intoxicated? There’s an easy method to figure it out. Use the search function to quickly and easily retrieve criminal driving records.


Is a probation officer supervising someone you know? With a click of the mouse, you may look for the type of probation they are on, the name of the offenders, and whether or not they breached their probation terms.

Offenders Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses

See whether a person has ever been warned, charged, or jailed for a sexual crime. With Tom Green County judicial records quick lookup tool, you can get complete information of the Sex Offender Registry straight away. Conduct a nationwide sex offender search to learn the facts.

Why Tom Green County Judicial Records Are A Great Way To Look Up Information?

Official files containing information on people’s criminal activities are known as public police records. They only reveal a portion of a person’s overall criminal history because court records and convictions are not included. These files include incident reports and arrest records, which contain the defendant’s full name, the charges they were convicted of, the amount of bail, and their hearing date at the court.

Authorized people or agents working for the country, including DOJ, FBI, and DEA, produce, hold, maintain, and update public police records (DEA).

They’re part of cases and include things like DUIs, how many times they’ve been arrested, search warrants, and many more details. They are digitized and freely available through internet channels, although they are also available in hard copy. The internet search is handier because it is the quickest and easiest way to get information without filling out papers or standing in line.


Instant access to more than 2 billion records. With three simple steps: searching, signing up, and seeing a report, you can quickly get the Tom Green County judicial records information you need.


They cover a wide range of data in the market, with data from all levels of the government, including state, federal, private sectors, and more.


Millions of people rely on Tom Green County judicial records to supply accurate and up-to-date data for all of their information requirements.

Now that you know the purpose of Tom Green County judicial records, let’s go through a brief comparison of judicial activism and judicial restraint.

A Brief Comparison: Judicial Activism Vs Judicial Restraint

What is Judicial Activism

Judicial activity and judicial restraint are two opposing methods that are commonly stated as “judicial activism vs judicial restraint“, and they are both difficult and contradictory concepts for society. Judicial activism and judicial restraint are both concerned with preventing the government and constitutional authorities from abusing their power.

The main distinction between the two ways is that judicial activism is a philosophy of judicial decision-making. A judge advocates for modern ideals and conditions while allowing for personal opinions on public policy.

While judicial restraint is a doctrine that urges judges to refrain from making unlawful judgments and restricts their authority.

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