General Ordinary Assembly
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General Ordinary Assembly

Art. L. 225-98. 
– The ordinary general meeting takes all decisions other than those referred to in Articles L. 225-96 and L. 225-97.
It can only validly deliberate on first convocation if the shareholders present or represented own at least a quarter of the shares with voting rights. On second convocation, no quorum is required.

It rules by a majority of the votes held by the shareholders present or represented.



v. (in matters of, dismissal of a SARL manager)

Whereas in ruling thus, while it had noted that the decision of dismissal had been taken in flagrant violation of the legal rules relating to the holding and the convening of the meetings of the partners and whereas a decision inspired by a vexatious intention and contrary to the social interest, characterized on the part of its authors a will to harm constituting a fault, the court of appeal violated the aforementioned text;

Cour de cassation, commercial chamber, March 13, 2001

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