crossed check
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Sub-section 6

Crossed check

Art. L. 131-44. –
The drawer or bearer of a check may cross it with the effects indicated in the following article.
The crossing is made by means of two parallel bars affixed to the front. It can be general or special.
The crossing is general if it does not bear between the two bars any designation or the mention “banker” or an equivalent term; it is special if the name of a banker is inscribed between the two bars.
The general barring can be transformed into a special barring, but the special barring cannot be transformed into a general barring.
The crossing out of the crossing or the name of the designated banker is deemed null and void.

Art. L. 131-45. –
A general crossed check can only be paid by the drawee to a banker, to a post office check center manager or to a client of the drawee.
A specially crossed check may be paid by the drawee only to the designated banker, or, if the latter is the drawee, to his client. However, the designated banker may resort to collection from another banker.
A banker can only acquire a crossed check from one of his clients, from a postal check center manager or from another banker. He cannot cash it on behalf of other people.
A check bearing several special crossings can be paid by the drawee only in the case of two crossings of which the
The drawee or the banker who does not observe the above provisions is liable for the loss up to the amount of the check.

Art. L. 131-46. –
Checks to be entered into an account issued abroad and payable on French territory are treated as crossed checks.

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