Convocation Of The General Meeting
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Convocation Of The General Meeting

Art. L. 225-103 . – I. – The general meeting is convened by the board of directors or the management board, as the case may be.
II. – Failing this, the general meeting may also be convened:
1o By the statutory auditors;
2o By a representative, appointed by the courts, at the request of either any interested party in an emergency, or one or more shareholders bringing together at least one-twentieth of the share capital, or an association of shareholders meeting the conditions set out in Article L. 225-120;
3o By the liquidators;
4o By majority shareholders in capital or voting rights after a public purchase or exchange offer or after a transfer of a control block.
III. – In companies subject to Articles L. 225-57 to L. 225-93, the general meeting may be called by the supervisory board.
IV. – The preceding provisions are applicable to special meetings. Shareholders acting in the designation of a legal representative must collect at least one twentieth of the shares of the category concerned.
V. – Unless otherwise provided in the articles of association, shareholders’ meetings are held at the registered office or in any other place in the same department.

Art. L. 225-104. – The convocation of shareholders’ meetings is done in the forms and deadlines set by decree of the Council of State.
Any irregularly convened meeting may be canceled. However, the action for nullity is not admissible when all the shareholders were present or represented.

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