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Section 3: Deprivation of French nationality

Article 25

(Law of March 8, 1803 promulgated on March 18, 1803))
(Law of May 31, 1854))
(Law nº 96-647 of July 22, 1996 art. 12 Official Journal of July 23, 1996)
(Law n ° 98-170 of March 16, 1998 art. 23 Official Journal of March 17, 1998 in force on September 1, 1998)

The individual who has acquired the status of French may, by decree taken after the assent of the Council of State, be deprived of French nationality, unless the forfeiture results in making him stateless:
1 ° If he is convicted of an act qualified as a crime or offense constituting an attack on the fundamental interests of the Nation or for a crime or an offense constituting an act of terrorism;
2 ° If he is convicted of an act qualified as a felony or misdemeanor provided for and punished by chapter II of title III of book IV of the penal code;
3 ° If he is condemned for having evaded the obligations resulting for him from the national service code;
4 ° If he has engaged for the benefit of a foreign State in acts incompatible with the status of French and prejudicial to the interests of France.

                                                                                                                                                                          Article 25-1

(Law n ° 2003-1119 of November 26, 2003 art. 71 Official Journal of November 27, 2003)
                        (Law n ° 2006-64 of January 23, 2006 art. 21 Official Journal of January 24, 2006)

Forfeiture is only incurred if the facts alleged against the person concerned and referred to in Article 25 occurred prior to the acquisition of French nationality or within ten years from the date of this acquisition.
It can only be pronounced within ten years from the commission of the said acts.
If the facts alleged against the person concerned are referred to in 1 ° of article 25, the time limits mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs are extended to fifteen years.

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