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Art. L. 410-2. –

Except in cases where the law provides otherwise, the prices of goods, products and services covered before January 1, 1987 by ordinance n ° 45-1483 of June 30, 1945 are freely determined by the play of competition.

However, in sectors or areas where price competition is limited due either to monopoly situations or lasting supply difficulties, or to legislative or regulatory provisions, a Council of State decree may regulate prices after consultation of the Competition Authority.

The provisions of the first two paragraphs do not prevent the Government from deciding, by decree in the Council of State, against excessive increases or decreases in prices, temporary measures motivated by a crisis situation, exceptional circumstances, a public calamity or a manifestly abnormal market situation in a given sector. The decree is made after consultation with the National Consumer Council. It specifies its period of validity, which cannot exceed six months.

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