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Article 9-1

(Law n ° 93-2 of January 5, 1993 art. 47 Official Journal of January 5, 1993) (Law n ° 93-1013 of August 24, 1993 art. 44 Official Journal of August 25, 1993 in force on September 2, 1993) (Law n ° 94-653 of July 29, 1994 art. 1 I Official Journal of July 30, 1994) (Law n ° 2000-516 of June 15, 2000 art. 91 Official Journal of June 16, 2000)
Everyone has the right to respect for the presumption of innocence.

When a person is, before any conviction, publicly presented as being guilty of facts which are the subject of an investigation or a judicial investigation, the judge may, even in summary proceedings, without prejudice to compensation for the damage suffered, prescribe all measures, such as the insertion of a correction or the dissemination of a press release, in order to put an end to the infringement of the presumption of innocence, and this at the expense of the person, natural or legal, responsible for this reached.

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