Comparative advertising
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Article L121-8


Any advertisement that compares goods or services by identifying, implicitly or explicitly, a competitor or goods or services offered by a competitor is only lawful if:

1 ° It is not misleading or likely to mislead;

2 ° It relates to goods or services meeting the same needs or having the same objective;

3 ° It objectively compares one or more essential, relevant, verifiable and representative characteristics of these goods or services, of which the price may be part.


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Article L121-9
(Ordinance n ° 2001-741 of 23 August 2001 art. 2 Official Journal of 25 August 2001)Comparative advertising may not:
1 ° Take undue advantage of the notoriety attached to a trademark, trade or service, a trade name, other distinctive signs of a competitor or the appellation of origin as well as the protected geographical indication of a competing product;
2 ° Cause the discredit or denigration of the brands, trade names, other distinctive signs, goods, services, activity or situation of a competitor;
3 ° Generate confusion between the advertiser and a competitor or between the brands, trade names, other distinctive signs, goods or services of the advertiser and those of a competitor;
4 ° To present goods or services as an imitation or a reproduction of a good or a service benefiting from a trademark or a protected trade name.
Ordinance of 23 August 2001 transposing community directives on consumer law, Raymond, Guy, JCP E Semaine Juridique (corporate edition), n ° 51, 20/12/2001, pp. 2025-2027
Article L121-10
( Ordinance n ° 2001-741 of 23 August 2001 art. 3 Official Journal of 25 August 2001)

For products with a designation of origin or a protected geographical indication, comparison is only permitted between products each with the same designation or the same indication.

Article L121-11
It is forbidden to include comparative advertisements as defined in Articles L. 121-8 and L. 121-9 on packaging, invoices, transport tickets, means of payment or tickets for access to shows. or in places open to the public.
Article L121-12
(Ordinance n ° 2001-741 of 23 August 2001 art. 4 Official Journal of 25 August 2001)Without prejudice to the provisions of Article L. 121-2, the advertiser on whose behalf the comparative advertising is disseminated must be able to prove within a short time the material accuracy of the statements, indications and presentations contained in the advertising. .

Article L121-13

The insertions made in the press for an advertisement defined in articles L. 121-8 and L. 121-9 do not give rise to the application of article 13 of the law of July 29, 1881 on freedom of the press and of article 6 of law n ° 82-652 of July 29, 1982 on audiovisual communication.

Article L121-14

Without prejudice to the application of Article 1382 of the Civil Code, breaches of the provisions of Articles L. 121-8 to L. 121-12 are, where applicable, punishable by the penalties provided for, on the one hand, in Articles L. 121-1 to L. 121-7 and, on the other hand, to articles L. 716-9 and L. 716-12 of the intellectual property code.


A Council of State decree specifies, as necessary, the methods of application of Articles L. 121-8 to L. 121-13.

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