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Article L122-1
( Law n ° 2001-1168 of December 11, 2001 art. 13 IV 3 ° Official Journal of December 12, 2001)

It is forbidden to refuse to a consumer the sale of a product or the provision of a service, except legitimate reason, and to subordinate the sale of a product to the purchase of an imposed quantity or to the concomitant purchase. another product or service and to make the provision of a service dependent on that of another service or the purchase of a product.
This provision applies to all the activities referred to in the last paragraph of Article L. 113-2.
For credit institutions and organizations mentioned in Article L. 518-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code, the rules relating to subordinated sales are set by point 1 of I of Article L. 312-1-2 of the same. coded.

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