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Personality attacks

Section 1 Invasion of
privacy (Articles 226-1 to 226-7)

Section 2 Interference with
the representation of the person (Articles 226-8 to 226-9)

Section 3
Slanderous denunciation (Articles 226-10 to 226-12)

Section 4
Breach of secrecy

Paragraph 1
Breach of professional secrecy (Articles 226-13 to 226-14)

Paragraph 2
Breach of the secrecy of correspondene  (Article 226-15)

Section 5
Human rights violations resulting from files or computer processing (Articles 226-16 to 226-24)

 Section 6
Attacks on the person resulting from the genetic study of his characteristics or identification by his genetic fingerprints (Articles 226-25 to 226-30)

Section 7
Additional penalties applicable to natural persons (Articles 226-31 to 226-32)

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