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Section 3: Illicit demonstrations and criminal participation in a demonstration or a public meeting
Article 431-9
The following shall be punished by six months’ imprisonment and a fine of 50,000 F:
1 ° Having organized a demonstration on the public highway which has not been the subject of a prior declaration under the conditions set by the law ;
2 ° To have organized a demonstration on the public highway having been prohibited under the conditions fixed by the law;
3 ° To have drawn up an incomplete or inaccurate declaration likely to mislead on the object or the conditions of the planned event.
Article 431-10
Participating in a demonstration or a public meeting while carrying a weapon is punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 F.
Article 431-11
Individuals guilty of the offense provided for in article 431-10 also incur the following additional penalties:
1 ° The prohibition of civic, civil and family rights, in accordance with the terms provided for in article 131-26;
2 ° The prohibition on holding or carrying, for a period of five years at most, a weapon subject to authorization;
3 ° The confiscation of one or more weapons of which the convicted person is the owner or of which he has free disposal;
4 ° Prohibition of residence, in accordance with the terms set out in article 131-31.
Article 431-12
 The ban from French territory may be pronounced under the conditions provided for by article 131-30, either definitively or for a period of ten years at most, against any foreigner guilty of the offense defined in article 431-10.
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