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Article 521-1
(Law n ° 94-653 of July 29, 1994 art. 9 Official Journal of July 30, 1994) (Law n ° 99-5 of January 6, 1999 art. 22 Official Journal of January 7, 1999)

The fact, publicly or not, to exercise serious abuse or to commit an act of cruelty towards a domestic animal, or tamed, or held in captivity, is punished by two years of imprisonment and 200,000 F fine.
As an additional penalty, the court may prohibit the detention of an animal, definitively or not.
The provisions of this article are not applicable to bull races when an uninterrupted local tradition can be invoked. They are also not applicable to cockfighting in localities where an unbroken tradition can be established.
Any creation of a new gallodrome is punished by the penalties provided for in the first paragraph.
The same penalties also apply to the abandonment of a domestic animal, tamed or held in captivity, with the exception of animals intended for restocking.

Article 521-2
(inserted by Law n ° 94-653 of July 29, 1994 art. 9 Official Journal of July 30, 1994)

The fact of carrying out scientific or experimental experiments or research on animals without complying with the prescriptions fixed by decree of the Council of State is punishable by the penalties provided for in article 511-1.

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