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LABOR CODE (Regulatory Part – Simple Decrees)
Section 6: Overtime quota
Article D212-25
(inserted by Decree n ° 2001-941 of October 15, 2001 art. 1, art. 2 Official Journal of October 16, 2001)
The overtime quota provided for in article L. 212-6 applicable to workers, employees, supervisors and executives mentioned in article L. 212-15-2 as well as for executives mentioned in article L 212-15-3 who have not signed an individual flat-rate agreement is set at 130 hours per year and per employee.
For the executives mentioned in Article L. 212-15-3 who are individually governed by a fixed rate agreement established in hours on a weekly or monthly basis, this quota is set at 180 hours per year and per employee.
The quota is reduced to 90 hours per year and per employee when the weekly working time varies within the framework of an agreement or a collective adjustment agreement concluded in application of Article L. 212-8 of the Labor Code. . However, this reduction is not applicable when the convention or collective agreement provides for a variation of the weekly working time within the limits of 31 and 39 hours or a number of hours beyond the lower legal weekly duration or equal to 70 hours per year.

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