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Article L122-5
(decree n ° 74-808 of September 19, 1974 art. 4 Official Journal of September 29, 1979) (Law n ° 82-957 of November 13, 1982 art. 28 Official Journal of November 14, 1982) (Law n ° 88-1202 of December 30, 1988 art. 50 II Official Journal of December 31, 1988) (Law n ° 91-72 of January 18, 1991 art. 1 Official Journal of January 20, 1991)Repealed by Ordinance nº 2007-329 of March 12, 2007 art. 12 I Official Journal of March 13, 2007 in force on March 1, 2008 at the latest)
In the event of termination at the initiative of the employee, the existence and duration of the notice period result either from the law or from the collective labor agreement or agreement. In the absence of legal provisions, convention or collective labor agreement relating to the notice period, this existence and this duration result from practical usage in the locality and the profession.

Notice of resignation

Notice resulting from the law ( VRP , journalists)

Notice resulting from collective agreements

Notice resulting from uses

Notice in the event of dismissal

Notice set by law

Notice set by collective agreements

Starting point

Presentation of the registered letter notifying the dismissal

Article L 122-14-1


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