Chapter I Object And Constitution
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Chapter I Object And Constitution

(New Legislative Part)

Article L2131-1

   Professional unions have as their sole object the study and defense of the rights as well as the material and moral interests, both collective and individual, of the persons mentioned in their statutes.

Article L2131-2

   Trade unions or professional associations of persons exercising the same profession, similar trades or related trades contributing to the establishment of specific products or the same liberal profession may be formed freely.
By way of derogation from these provisions, individuals employing domestic workers may form a union for the defense of the interests they have in common as the employer of these employees.

Article L2131-3

   The founders of any professional union deposit the statutes and the names of those who, in any capacity, are in charge of administration or management.
This deposit is renewed in the event of a change in management or in the articles of association.

Article L2131-4

   Any member of a professional union may, if he or she meets the conditions set by article L. 2131-5, take up administrative or management positions in this union.

Article L2131-5

   Any French member of a professional union responsible for the administration or management of this union must enjoy his civic rights and not be subject to any prohibition, forfeiture or incapacity relating to his civic rights.
Under the same conditions, any foreign national over the age of eighteen who is a member of a union may access the functions of administration or management of this union.

Article L2131-6

   In the event of voluntary dissolution, statutory or pronounced by court decision, the property of the union devolves in accordance with the statutes or, in the absence of statutory provisions, according to the rules determined by the general assembly.
Under no circumstances may the property of the union be distributed among the adherent members.

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