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Section 4 Departmental integration fund


Article R. 5132-44  

In each department, an integration fund finances the development and consolidation of local initiatives for integration through economic activity.

Article R. 5132-45  

The departmental integration fund is managed by the prefect who decides on the amount of aid granted.

Article R. 5132-46  

The purpose of the departmental integration fund is to contribute to the financing of:
1 ° Assistance to the advice necessary for the identification, the preparation and the follow-up of the development projects of the activities of the organizations mentioned in article L 5132-2;
2 ° Aid for the start-up, development and, exceptionally, the consolidation of the activity of these organizations.

Article R. 5132-47  

After the opinion of the departmental council for integration through economic activity, assistance from the departmental fund for integration is allocated by the prefect, who determines the amount. They are the subject of agreements between the State and the organization, which mention in particular the nature, duration and object of the financed action.
The Prefect may make the allocation of this aid conditional on the body’s commitments concerning the monitoring of the actions financed.

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