Trial period
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Trial period

Article L1242-10

   The fixed-term employment contract may include a trial period.
Unless customary or conventional stipulations provide for shorter durations, this trial period may not exceed a duration calculated at the rate of one day per week, within the limit of two weeks when the duration initially provided for in the contract is at most equal at six months and one month in other cases.
When the contract does not include a precise term, the trial period is calculated in relation to the minimum duration of the contract.

Article L1242-11

   The provisions relating to:
1 ° the entry into force of the contract provided for in article L. 1242-9 are not applicable during the trial period ;
2 ° The early termination of the contract provided for in Articles L. 1243-1 to L. 1243-4;
3 ° The postponement of the term of the contract provided for in article L. 1243-7;
4 ° The termination indemnity provided for in article L. 1243-8.

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