consumer credit
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  • Section 1: Definitions and scope. (Articles L311-1 to L311-3)
  • Section 2: Advertising. (Articles L311-4 to L311-5)
  • Section 3: Pre-contractual information of the borrower (Articles L311-6 to L311-7)
  • Section 4: Explanations provided to the borrower and assessment of his solvency (Articles L311-8 to L311-10-1)
  • Section 5: Formation of the credit agreement (Articles L311-11 to L311-17-1)
  • Section 6: Information mentioned in the contract (Articles L311-18 to L311-20)
  • Section 7: Execution of the credit agreement (Articles L311-21 to L311-26)
  • Section 8: Free credit (Articles L311-27 to L311-29)
  • Section 9: Allocated credits (Articles L311-30 to L311-41)
  • Section 10: Account overdraft transactions (Articles L311-42 to L311-47)
  • Section 11: Sanctions (Articles L311-48 to L311-51)
  • Section 12: Procedure (Article L311-52)

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