Lex Electronica Secure Payment
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Lex Electronica Secure Payment


 Article 323.1 of the New Penal Code relating to computer fraud:

“The fact of accessing or remaining, fraudulently, in all or part of an automated data processing system is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a 100,000 F fine.

When the result is either the deletion or modification of data contained in the system, or an alteration in the functioning of this system, the penalty is two years’ imprisonment and a 200,000 F fine. ”

National, community and international reference texts:

Reflections on the Grand-Ducal regulation of June 1, 2001 on signatures, payments and electronic commerce – Charles Ossola – January   2002

Internet.gouv.fr: the government site offers an “electronic commerce and cryptology” section which takes stock of legislative progress concerning communication security issues and secure payment:

How secure payment works

The mechanisms of secure payment:

GIE Carte Bleue. Files on online payment security, advice for individuals

Internet payment: file produced by Déclic.net: typology of online payments, detail of the French offer, explanation of online payment standards.

– The Internet payment system:

– Should we set up a secure payment system?

-the secure payment market on the Internet

– secure payment standards

For better payment security:

Fia-net: a directory of merchant sites having taken out a logistics insurance contract.

L’Echangeur: think tank and European network on e-commerce and trust on the Internet:

IDM offers the secure payment installation: explanation and prices

CDCK secure payment, the solution to payment problems on the net?

Anti-fraud insurance on the Net:

Telecommerce: France Telecom label site for secure payment, how secure payment works and access to a directory of merchant sites that use this label:

The “e-commerce for all” association: 9 cyber-merchants are joining forces to secure online payment.


Department of Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF)

addresses of the DGCCRF:

Associations:                – French Association of Bank Users (AFUB)

head office  45-47, rue Saint Denis 75001 Paris

legal department: 5, place Auguste Métivier 75020 Paris

– National Institute of Consumer Affairs (INC): 80, rue Lecourbe, 75732 Paris Cedex 15, Tel: 01 45 66 20 20

– General Organization of Consumers (Orgeco): 16, avenue du Château, floor ½, 94300 Vincennes,   Tel. (33) 01 49 57 93 00 – Fax (33) 01 43 65 33 76

Regulations, consumer protection:

Secure payments offered by banks

Cybermut is the secure payment system offered by Crédit Mutuel (CIC)

Cyberplus is the secure payment system offered by Banque Populaire

e-transaction is the secure payment system offered by Crédit Agricole

Mercanet is the secure payment system offered by BNP-Paribas

Sogenactif is the secure payment system offered by Société Générale


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