Parasitism And Domain Name Protection
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Parasitism And Domain Name Protection

Domain name     Trademarks

Parasitism and denigration

The protection of the domain name can be ensured by the action for infringement, but also by an action on the basis of the parasitism and the denigration. Thus the Court of Versailles, by judgment dated November 22, 2001, ordered the cancellation of the Zebanque and Ze Bourse domain names, indicating that ‘the company 1.2.3. Multimedia had necessary knowledge, when reserving domain names, projects and trademark registrations of Zebank which could not have escaped their attention during the prior art searches that they did not fail to perform, that it clearly had no other aim than to seek to monetize the transfer to the company Zebank, or even to take undue advantage of the significant investments, in particular in advertising, made by the latter, to increase the number of visitors to their own sites “ (Competition news n ° 347, January 10, 2002)

Case law

Court of Appeal of Versailles, 14th Chamber, March 29, 2000, Loïc L. against La commune Élancourt, Interim Order, n. Beaujard, Véronique, Expertise in information systems, 07/01/2000, pp 232-233

Domain names: case law anthology, Caron, Christophe, Communication Electronic Commerce, 06/01/2000, pp 18-22

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