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Article 6

The national urban renewal program aims to restructure, with the aim of social diversity and sustainable development, the neighborhoods classified as sensitive urban areas and, exceptionally, after obtaining the assent of the mayor of the municipality or the president of the public establishment. competent inter-municipal cooperation and agreement of the minister in charge of the city and the minister in charge of housing, those with similar economic and social characteristics.

It includes urban development operations, rehabilitation, residentialization, demolition and production of housing, creation, rehabilitation and demolition of public or collective facilities, reorganization of areas of economic and commercial activity,

For the period 2004-2008, it provides for a new supply of 200,000 social rental housing, either by putting vacant housing back on the market, or by producing new social housing in sensitive urban areas or in the agglomerations of which they are located. part. It also includes, in the districts mentioned in the first paragraph, the rehabilitation of 200,000 social rental housing and, in case of necessity related to the dilapidation, the unsuitability of the demand or the implementation of the urban project, the demolition of 200,000 homes.

Article 7

The credits devoted by the State to the implementation of the national urban renewal program, opened by the finance laws between 2004 and 2008, are fixed at 2.5 billion euros, no annual allocation during this period. which may be less than 465 million euros. They are assigned, under the conditions set by the finance laws, to the National Agency for Urban Renovation created by Article 10.

Article 8

The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations participates in the financing of the national urban renewal program by granting loans from the savings funds which it manages in application of Article L. 518-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code and by mobilization of its own resources.

These resources finance advances to investors, equity investments in urban renewal operations and engineering aid.

An agreement concluded between the State and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations ensures the consistency of these interventions with the guidelines of the national urban renewal program and determines the annual amount of subsidies to be paid to the National Agency for Urban Renovation.

Article 9

To ensure the realization of the investments made within the framework of the national program of urban renewal, the cost of the operations chargeable to the communities, their public establishments of inter-municipal cooperation or their mixed unions can, after deduction of the direct or indirect public aid, be, where applicable, less than 20% of the total estimated amount of the subsidized expenditure.

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