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Marcy Resnik’s Law Firm Empowers Young Female Lawyers

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), as of 2022, 61.5% of lawyers are male while 38.3% are women. Male lawyers continue to make up the majority of attorneys in the US. Women remain underrepresented in law.

Female Lawyers Are Leaving the Legal Industry

Research shows that reasons for quitting include unequal pay, discrimination, work pressure, lack of mentorship, unpredictable schedules, isolation, and lack of promotion opportunities.

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Although women currently attending law school are more than men, and they are outpacing men in joining top law firms, research shows that as they progress in their careers, many leave their firms. Many women lawyers quit before becoming partners. They quit because of growing disillusionment with the industry.

Marcy Resnik Stands Out as One Lawyer Hoping to Change Things

A South Florida law firm has undertaken to empower young female lawyers. Attorney Marcy Resnik and her law firm deals with family law, real estate, and commercial litigation. Through their mentorship program run by Marcy Resnik, they have empowered hundreds of women lawyers.

Marcy Resnik, the founder of the program, believes that most women quit the legal profession because of a lack of mentorship. She hopes that by providing female lawyers with the right mentorship, they will be encouraged to continue practicing.


Marcy Resnik has always been passionate about mentoring aspiring lawyers. She understands the challenges that women lawyers face in the profession. Resnik dreamt of starting a mentorship program that would help women. At Kahn & Resnik, she had the opportunity of making her dreams a reality. Her legal partner has been very supportive of the program.

Giving Back

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Resnik faced many challenges as she tried to establish herself in the profession. At one time, she almost gave up. However, because of the support of mentors she made it through. Marcy Resnik attributes her success to the mentorship that she received. She hopes to mentor the next generation of women lawyers. This is her way of giving back to society.

Soft Skills

Rachael Lederman underwent the Macy Resnik mentorship program and she is currently a lawyer at Kahn & Resnik. She believes that the program empowered her with skills that propelled her career.

Unfortunately, most skills that are crucial for professional success are not learned at university. College provides a person with hard skills. However, to succeed, soft skills are also required. These skills can be learned through mentorship.

Through mentorship, Lederman learned how to become bold and have a voice. Her public speaking skills greatly improved. She learned how to stand up for what she believes in. In the legal industry, there are many bullies; therefore, it is important to know to stand up for your rights.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges are expected in the legal career but for a woman, they can become amplified. Lawyers work under immense pressure; therefore, a lawyer needs to know how to handle pressure.

Apart from work pressure, women also face workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Lederman says that it is common for women to be discriminated against by coworkers, prisoners, and judges. Demeaning comments against women have been heard in the courtroom.

Advice and guidance from a mentor will make it easy to overcome these challenges. A mentor will guide you by hand. When you feel like quitting, they will be there to cheer you up. Because a mentor has encountered the challenges you are facing, they are in a better position to advise you.

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Rachael Lederman also attributes mentorship to helping her achieve work-life balance. Most professionals struggle in this area. It is common for lawyers to overwork at the expense of other important things in life. It is vital to find a balance between career, relationships, and hobbies. Succeeding in your personal life will contribute to career success.

How to Find the Right Mentorship

To attract a good female mentor, you should properly highlight your achievements, aspirations, and goals. For a start, you can opt for an informal mentor who can be an attorney you know. Organizations that offer mentorship to professional women include 100 Women in Finance, Together, and Million Women Mentors.

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