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Mistakes You Should Avoid Making After a Truck Accident

In the wake of a truck accident, many victims wish to be made whole as soon as possible. Whether a result of personal injury, vehicle damage, emotional distress, or any combination thereof, truck accident victims are understandably hungry for compensation. However, there are a number of seemingly inconsequential mistakes that can make collecting restitution a needlessly stressful experience. So, if you’ve recently been involved in a truck accident and wish to be compensated in a timely manner, make an effort to avoid the following blunders.

Not Calling The Authorities

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There are numerous reasons you’ll need to alert the police in the wake of a truck accident. For starters, most states require people to alert the authorities of all accidents that result in injury or vehicle damage, so by failing to call the police in this circumstance, you may be committing an illegal act. Secondly, the absence of a police report is unlikely to go over well with your insurance company and can make obtaining restitution extremely difficult.

Leaving the scene before police arrive is similarly ill-advised. Even if the accident was unequivocally the fault of another motorist, your absence is practically guaranteed to draw questions. Furthermore, your early exit will give the responsible party an opportunity to take control of the narrative surrounding the accident and paint themselves in a blameless light. As such, you’d do well to promptly call the police – and emergency services, if needed – and remain at the scene until they’ve given you the go-ahead to head out.

Not Exchanging Important Information

Truck Accident

Exchanging insurance and contact info with the responsible party is among the most important steps in obtaining restitution in a timely manner. Failing to obtain this information is liable to make obtaining the compensation you’re owed exceedingly difficult, no matter how blameless you were in causing the accident. With this in mind, take care to calmly approach the responsible party, request their insurance info, and provide them with yours. If the responsible party is un-amenable to this or comes off as combative, inform the police of this and request that they obtain the necessary info for you.

Getting Drawn Into An Altercation

It’s easy to see why tempers would run high in the wake of a truck accident, and it’s entirely possible that you and/or the responsible party are itching for an altercation. However, regardless of how angry you are, it’s imperative that you avoid inciting or getting drawn into an altercation, be it verbal or physical – especially if you’re blameless in the matter.

Even if you and the responsible party are able to communicate cordially, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid any discussions about fault. This is a matter best left to the police and insurance companies, and any exchanges the two of you have on the subject are liable to be unproductive and conducive to conflict. Truck accidents are stressful enough, and the absolute last thing you want to be dealing with in the aftermath of one is a heated argument. Again, if you’re unable to interact with the responsible party in a calm, collected manner, simply speak to them through the police, and if need be, hire an attorney. Mile High City-based accident victims should have no trouble finding a reliable Denver accident lawyer.

Making Deals With The Responsible Party

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If the responsible party wishes to settle the matter without involving the insurance companies, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, no matter how nice and dependable they seem, agreeing to this is extremely ill-advised. They may promise to take care of vehicle repairs and/or medical expenses at the outset only to ultimately renege on this and leave you in an extremely unenviable position. With this in mind, make a point of refusing any such deals floated by the responsible party.


It isn’t hard to see why people make assorted missteps in the wake of truck accidents. After all, being mindful of one’s behavior in the aftermath of a large-scale accident can be a tall order. However, by conducting yourself in an organized manner and keeping your emotions in check, you ultimately stand to help your case and collect the compensation you’re owed in a timely fashion. In the interest of making the aftermath of a truck accident considerably less stressful, take care to avoid the mistakes outlined above.

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