Notre dame law school ranking
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Notre Dame Law School Ranking – A Good Law School Indeed

Every law school has its own set of ethical and legal principles, but this Catholic law school aims to polish its students by developing in them the discipline of mind and soul. Notre Dame law school provides legal education and training to its students that focus on professional services for others. The faculty at Notre Dame work on making the law students skilled and vocational human beings in the field of law and teach them the art of giving back to society. Notre Dame law school ranking has been soaring high with its quality legal education and law journals. Students can spend a year or a semester abroad in the other campuses of the Notre Dame law school to broaden their global legal knowledge.

Let us explore the law school, why Notre Dame law school ranking is so high, and life at this prestigious establishment.

Notre Dame Law School Ranking – An Overview

Notre Dame Law School Ranking – An Overview

No other university can beat Notre Dame law school ranking in being the most practical Catholic institute in the US. This law school has gained its popularity by being one of the toughest law schools to get into, especially in the state of Indiana. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Notre Dame law school ranking is considerably high. Apart from the formal legal education, students are given multiple opportunities for internships and exchange programs. Located near the famous football ground of Notre Dame University, this law school holds several rankings with an impressive legal profile in the US law schools list. Here are some of the prominent Notre Dame law school rankings.

  • Notre Dame law school stands on the 22nd number in the top law schools, based on the standards of legal excellence in education and training.
  • Notre Dame law school ranking for the acceptance rate is 20th among all the law schools of the US. This Catholic law school has a student selectivity rate of 25%, out of all those who apply for admission each year.
  • The median LSAT scores determine the admission acceptance or rejection of an applicant, and Notre Dame law school is ranked on number 21 regarding the median LSAT score for admission. LSAT is a tool for measuring the reasoning of the candidates in the areas of logic, analytical abilities, and comprehension.
  • Notre Dame law school ranking for its students getting jobs right after graduation is 23rd. More than 70% of the law graduates of Notre Dame get employed by big law firms and business organizations as soon as they complete their degree.
  • The tuition fee of this prestigious law school is the 24th highest fee for all the law schools in the US. For full-time law students at Notre Dame law school, the tuition fee is around $60000, which is twice the fee of many state law schools in the US.
  • The average initial salary of the Notre Dame Law graduates is somewhat near $130000, in most of the private law firms, with high repute. This ranks Notre Dame law school on the 26 number in the highest starting salary.
  • Having a huge law library is considered a respectable element in the race of law schools. This law school has 746800 volumes in its library, with the Notre Dame law school ranking for the largest library standing on 28th number.
  • The median GPA for the applying students at any law school matters a lot in their acceptance and rejection. The median GPA for the undergraduate students applying at Notre Dame law school is 3.7, which is the same as the median GPA for the Columbia law school. Notre Dame stands in 31st position in the highest average GPA for admission.
  • The Notre Dame law school ranking for the lowest student to faculty ratio is 61st.
  • Despite being the devout Catholic law school in the US, this law school has no discrimination against students from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, races, and regions. There are thousands of students from minority groups and various races, making Notre Dame 103rd top institute with diverse student profiles.

Notre Dame Law School Admissions

The Notre Dame law school has been serving the best legal education in the US for decades. There are multiple degree programs offered at this law school, along with legal clinics and externships for the students to gain real-life experiences. The admission deadline for each legal year application is March 15th. The tuition fee for the full-time students selected at Notre Dame is $62,500, and the admission fee for the full-time law degree programs is $75. Notre Dame law school has seats for all the minority groups based on gender, race, and ethnicity. The student population of each law class is divided into almost 55% males and 45% female students.

The applications for the law programs at Notre Dame can be submitted after providing a certificate of 3.71 GPA or more in the undergraduate program, and an LSAT score of 65. According to a 2020 report by the publiclegal, the Notre Dame law school’s bar passage rate is 84%. Notre Dame offers numerous opportunities in all legal sectors and recognized professional training. There are four major legal programs offered there; LLM degree, JD degree, JSD degree, and a dual degree.

JD is a foundation degree in law with a minimum of 90 credit hours, and you can opt for it after the basic program from any institute. JD degree lets you practice law in any of the branches of American law. LLM degree is offered to already practicing lawyers or graduated law students, Notre Dame has LLM in many fields like International Human Rights and Criminal law. A JSD degree is for the people who wish to seek their doctoral in law, after the LLM program. Dual degrees at Notre Dame law school allow the students to merge their legal degrees with other academic fields such as global affairs, political science, and technology.

Notre Dame Law School Ranking In Top Legal Publications

According to the Washington and Lee`s Journal Rankings, Notre Dame law school ranking for legal publications moved from 22nd to 8th position. This ranking is grounded on the number of occurrences of their legal journals in higher court decisions. The Washington and Lee`s Journal rankings are also based on how frequently the legal journals and publications have been used in legal academic writings in the US. That jump from 22nd to 8th position indicates the high-quality legal research and influential law practice of the students of Notre Dame law school. Students at Notre Dame law school put in a lot of effort to publish their work in the renowned legal journals of the country and contribute to the enhancement of legal services.

Washington And Lees Law Journal Rankings

The purpose of annual Washington and Lee`s law rankings is to offer a tool that identifies legal journals in all the sectors of American Jurisdiction. The rankings can be looked up according to the subject of the legal publication, or the country of origin of the legal publication. All the rankings that are generated by the Washington and Lee`s Law journal are studied, collected, and preserved by the professionals at Washington and Lee University School of Law.

This legal journal ranking is highly valid and can be used to compare various legal publications and contact the publishers for authorized writing and court procedures. The Washington and Lee`s Law Journal Rankings offer a great platform for all the authors trying to publish their legal documents and the editors and publishing agencies for the legal programs. The administrators, publishers, and the faculty of the law schools all around the country use this platform for their legal statistics.

The data for the top legal journals are updated each year and the survey data are changed on the annual basis, using new information from the different law schools and law firms.

Life At Notre Dame Law School

Getting a law degree is a great trial, and it requires a large sum of students` time and effort to fulfill their dream of calling themselves, lawyers. Like many qualified law schools in the world, Notre Dame puts students’ educational needs on its top priority. What makes the Notre Dame law degrees exceptional is not just the first-rate legal training but also its unique and friendly learning community.

Students Organizations

Students Organizations

One thing that helps Notre Dame law school rankings rise higher and higher is their professional real-life training through the plenty of student organizations, across the school. Despite being a holy institute with ancient Catholic roots, in Notre Dame, you will find a community or a student club for any interest you have. There are multiple societies, and unions made for students and by the students that help create a united legal community there. From the famous health law society to the food and beverage law club, Notre Dame offers a place for everyone to fit in, according to one’s interests.

Alumni Network

The Notre Dame student community has a motto of staying connected, regardless of where you are. This law school preserves every set of skills, experiences, and goals its students bring in with them at the start of their Notre Dame law school journey. They respect the aspiring visions of their graduate students and help them find the best match for them in the legal world. Notre Dame alumni are appointed to some of the highest career positions in the market, some of them being the Supreme Court Judges and the CEOs of giant business organizations.

Catholic Church

Notre Dame University was founded in the 1800s by French missionaries to bring Catholic values to the educational sectors. Notre Dame law school has a strong love and affiliation for the Catholic Church, which helps its students find goodness in what they are studying and serving the nation as a moral cause. With a large majority of interracial and interreligious students in Notre Dame law school, this place provides peace, love, and spiritual support for all. The faith and the belief in God of the Notre Dame students grow substantially due to such close association with the Catholic Church.

Dorm Life

Studying and living at Notre Dame is surprisingly affordable as compared to the living costs for the universities in big cities. The living expenses in South Bend are really low, which makes it feasible for the students to save up a lot of money during their legal degree. A lot of people have heard the name of South Bend through its affiliation with Notre Dame University, students enjoy all life necessities in this small town. The housing costs around the Notre Dame law school are the bare minimum and sharing the housing with other undergraduates makes them even lower and manageable for low-budget students.

Law Library

Law Library

Notre Dame law school ranking for the largest law library stands on a respectable number, with hundreds of thousands of legal publications, documents, textbooks, and articles. Law students can easily access all the preserved volumes in the library through the digital database of the Notre Dame law school.

The law library at Notre Dame is famous for the huge Reading Room, which consists of three stories. The first and second floors have large open-air archways in the ancient Catholic architecture, whereas on the third floor there is a balcony that goes around the building. During the exam season, you will find the three-story Reading Room jammed with law students working on turning their dreams into reality.

Journals And Events

At Notre Dame law school, you will find yourself occupied with different kinds of events like conferences, workshops, student meetings, faculty gatherings, and expos. Faculty, as well as the students from the renowned law, business, and technology schools, gather in those workshops to work on changing the world for the better. Law students at Notre Dame actively participate in the events that lead up to them gaining the experience necessary for their future.

Notre Dame law school ranking for legal publications is among the top ten best legal publications. Students are encouraged to meet real-life law specialists and top-rated law firms for the editing and publishing of their legal journals. Notre Dame has an organization for legal journals that are made up of legal editors, administrators, authors, and publishers that are ready to guide their students on each step.

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