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Present Your Case Study Reports Using These Simple Tips!

It’s a typical day at work, and your boss asks you to present a case study report to one of your clients. Even though case studies have long been a staple in your department, you want this to be a successful presentation! That promotion is just one demonstration away.

Perhaps, you already know how to frame case study reports. However, organizing a solid piece can be intimidating, especially if you want to impress your clients and your boss. And the case report examples you see online are lifeless and thin. It’s time we step in and teach you simple tips in creating an effective report.

This guide will go over step-by-step everything you need to create a report that potential clients will want to read. Are your data and information gathered and in place? So, please continue reading below before you put the data into our templates.

Tips To Present Your Case Study Reports

1. It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated, Soldier.

We understand that sometimes, writing presentations and case study reports frustrate the employee who has to do it. It isn’t simple to do — facts must be established, and visual aids should be engaging. There is no need to stress over this presentation. You’re wondering what might make presenting more comfortable for you — we suggest that you keep it precise and straightforward.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated, Soldier

When including an executive summary in your case study, keep in mind that too much information can overwhelm your audience. Sam goes with the introduction and analysis part; let the data visualization do its job. At Venngage, we will provide ready-to-use graphs and charts where you can easily input relevant data. Intimidating numbers? We got you! With our templates, you can explain numbers visually through charts and graphs.

2. Focus On What’s Important.

When writing your analysis, you must identify only two to five fundamental problems. In your report, communicate why these problems exist and how they impact the organization. When doing this, remember to highlight the critical issues for your audience to keep track of the different points.

You may take a look at this sample below.

Focus on what’s important

In the annual report, the presenter highlights the company’s performance through colored text and bold letters. This begs the question — why should we highlight important information?

The answer is because highlighted text draws attention. Thus, it delivers your data effectively. If you follow this tip, it will help your reader pick out the part you want them to remember. Again, got impressive numbers? Then highlight them in your report!

3. Add Some Spice To The Proposed Solution.

You’ve got to the fun part of the presentation: the solution. While case studies often tackle the unusual and neglected cases, sharing possible solutions to the problem will create success in your report. Because that is one of the purposes of a case study, of course. And though case study reports may not be as sexy as an article about a product, you can still make them pretty as a picture. How?

Add relevant images!

Add Some Spice To The Proposed Solution

As a storyteller, it is your job to keep your audience’s eyes and ears open at all times. Using infographics will help you craft a profit-making report, but adding images will help your prospective business partners analyze the scenario quickly. You’ve already heard the famous saying, and it goes, “a picture tells a thousand words.” Now, take action on this saying and include images, lieutenant.

4. Let Your Clients Be The Hero Of The Story.

It’s simply a call to action. You presented the case and the problem; then the next question arises: Who should do it and what should be done? A great way to engage your client is to make them the hero that will overcome this obstacle. Don’t worry about not being the savior of this story — the goal is to be the helping hand in solving their problems.

Bear in mind that consumers do not buy things for the sake of just having them. They buy them to solve their problems — whether it is a want or a need. Similar to presenting a case study report, you would want your business partners to use your services or products to help address their problems.

5. Include These Additional Tips.

We’ve mentioned above the importance of highlighting essential information and infographics while also making your audience the protagonist. But if you want to stand out more (of course, the promotion!) and shake the hands of your clients at the end of your report, then you might want to include these additional tips.

  • Include a quote from your customer that will make them relate to your case study.
  • Stick to a theme and follow a color palette for consistency. Using different fonts and colors will make your report look untidy.
  • Scan through the case study report examples from Venngage. Navigating the tools on this website is a piece of cake! It will save you plenty of minutes, commander.
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