Notice of intended prosecution
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What To Do If You Receive A Notice Of Intended Prosecution?

On the road, drivers often violate the rules of the road. Such drivers are necessarily held accountable by applicable laws. There is an entire system for this. The driver is sent a notice of intended prosecution.

You can get professional help with a Notice of Intended Prosecution from a lawyer. In this case, an experienced lawyer will advise on all issues and help build an effective defense strategy to reduce the risk of severe punishment. Getting a NIP can be quite a scary experience for a driver, so it’s essential to know how to deal with such situations.

Specifics Of Notification Of Intended Prosecution

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A driver may receive a notice of intended prosecution in several instances of a traffic violation, such as:

  • speeding on the road;
  • driving with a phone in hand;
  • violation of traffic light rules and more.

If the driver was seen in one of the listed offenses, he must be held liable without fail. The notice is provided to drivers who are the registered owner of the respective vehicle. Sometimes it happens that a person who was not driving also receives a NIP, so it is necessary to understand how to act in such situations.

Such notification may lead to litigation, but not in all cases. In some situations, the driver is awarded the corresponding demerit points displayed in his rights. These demerit points can bring unpleasant consequences for vehicle owners, so there are some subtleties to consider in this situation.

Is It Possible To Ignore NIP?

Traffic police

The police send notice of intended prosecution within two weeks of the occurrence of a traffic offense by applicable law. You must submit your response within 28 days of receiving this notice. Be sure to provide information about who was driving at the time of the accident.

The case will automatically go to court if the driver does not respond to the request. Additionally, an offense is considered for the lack of sufficient information on the case and refusal to cooperate. After the case is brought to court, the trial begins. Typically, a driver can receive a fine of up to a thousand pounds. Penalty points are also awarded.

Can The Decision Be Challenged?


If you believe you are innocent, then you can challenge the NIP. You must be sure to provide your answer. It indicates that you received a notice.

You should contact a lawyer for advice if you think you are guilty. A lawyer has the relevant knowledge and experience to provide guidance and legal protection if the case goes to trial. Then you can give yourself the best chance of winning the case.

You can defend yourself in court using the following methods:

  • provide proof that you were not driving the vehicle at the time of the accident;
  • expiration of the charges;
  • an incomprehensible sign on the road, which led to speeding;
  • lack of speed cameras on the road and more.

It is recommended to contact professional lawyers who have extensive experience and knowledge. They help even in the most challenging situations, reducing the risk of hefty fines or losing a driver’s license. Timely assistance will help avoid significant troubles and not bring the case to court, having figured it out most simply and affordably.

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