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Important Questions During a Personal Injury Deposition

Did you have a workplace accident? Are you involved in a personal injury case? If so, then you should be familiar with the important deposition questions for personal injury cases.

This article will go through some of the more crucial and common questions so you can prepare yourself.

Personal Injury Deposition 101

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A deposition is the process of a sworn but out-of-court oral testimony of a witness or someone who is involved in a case. In a personal injury deposition, the testimonies will revolve around the events that lead to the incident which caused the injury and the injury itself.

Personal injury depositions come in the form of question-and-answer sessions, during which the lawyer of one party will be posing questions to the witness. The deposition transcription is a very crucial component of the process. It’s a verbatim written record of the deposition.

A deposition transcription can be created by professionals who are part of a pool of deposition transcription services providers and they use a service platform for their legal services.

There are many online platforms where you can find deposition transcription services including:

It’s important for witnesses to answer the questions as accurately as possible.

Key Personal Injury Deposition Questions

Part of the preparation for a deposition is to get familiar with the possible questions. We have listed here some common personal injury deposition questions to make it easy for you to prepare for them.

Questions about Your Medical Background

If you are the plaintiff, then this is definitely one of the first questions that lawyers will be asking you. They will want to know your medical background and what your condition is right before the accident.

Settling a Personal Injury Claim

Remember that the lawyers of the defendant will be out to prove that your personal injury case has no basis. At the same time, you need to answer truthfully so you must be very careful with how you frame your replies. Don’t leave room for doubt with your answers so they can be interpreted that you did not get the injury because of the incident that caused you to file the case.

Questions about Job History

Questions about your job history are likely to turn up during the deposition. The lawyers might ask about your current employment and the past jobs that you have had. There could also be questions about the tasks that you have to perform on a regular basis.

Questions about Civil Suit or Criminal Background

Lawyers involved in the deposition will also want to know about your credibility. Which is why they might ask if you have a criminal background. Have you ever been arrested before? If so, what was the reason and was there a case filed?

They would also ask if you have filed a civil suit before. Remember, your answer to those questions could build up or ruin your credibility.

Questions about the Accident

Perhaps the most important questions which you might face during a personal injury deposition are those that pertain to the accident or to the incident which led to the injury. The lawyers will ask  about the details to find out what really happened.

They will want to find out when and where the accident actually took place. You need to review the details here because any contradictions with the previous claims you have made could weaken your case.

Questions about the Injuries

Just as crucial about the questions concerning the accident are the queries regarding the injuries that have been sustained. They will want to get all the details about the kinds of injuries that you have sustained. Be ready to explain things in detail.

What to Expect from a personal injury attorney

You may also be asked about how the injuries have impacted your life. Did the injuries you have sustained resulted in a significant loss of income?

Questions about Medical Treatment

Finally, the lawyers will be asking about the medical treatments that you needed to undergo because of the injuries you have sustained. This is why you need to seek medical attention immediately after you figure in an accident. Delaying that can cause problems if you file for a personal injury lawsuit.

They might also ask about specific details of the treatment like where you got them.

These are just some of the questions that you might encounter during a personal injury deposition. Just remember that the questions will not be limited to the one listed here. The lawyers can ask you anything that they feel is related to the case.

You need to think about how you will answer them. Remember, your responses will be recorded in the deposition transcription. Everything that you say during the deposition will be used in the case. Make sure that you meet with your lawyer before the deposition so you can go through your answers to the possible questions we have listed here.

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