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Reasons Why Online Casinos May Block Your Account

While lucky players might have a ton of fun and success with online gambling, occasionally, getting your online casino account disabled can put you in a bind. Before you start freaking out if your account will ever be blocked, you should look into possible reasons why it can be frozen in the first place.

An online casino like Luxurycasino may restrict your gaming account for several reasons. You may be able to resolve the situation more quickly if you are aware of the reason why accessibility to your casino account has been blocked as soon as possible. Yet, hey! What are these reasons?

#1 – Too Many Failed Tries to Log in

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When someone repeatedly logs in using their account information, disabling their account is one of the ways that a player may protect their bankroll. Numerous login efforts for a given account are typically made by hackers attempting to brute strength the password. Online casinos have a security feature that identifies them.

Fortunately for gamers, when this happens, they may contact support to react to their account. Locking an account following a breaching attempt reminds you to turn on your account’s two-factor verification (2FA) system to protect it against hackers.

#2 – Juvenile Gambling

Many nations throughout the world have severe concerns about the issue of underage gaming. Studies have shown that teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 are at threat of exhibiting symptoms of gambling issues at a rate of 4-5%.

All casino firms must conduct mandatory client status checks (KYC) to combat this problem and stop minors from gaming. Many casinos ask their patrons for government-issued ID cards for age and data evaluation to enforce this. If the age requirements are not met after you submit your information, your account can be banned.

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#3 – Add-On Abuse

Being accused of bonus abuse is another common reason your online casino account could get suspended. New players frequently qualify for welcome offers, such as free spins or a deposit match bonus. All of the player’s accounts will be effectively blocked if they are discovered establishing several accounts to enjoy the benefits of such casino incentives.

You can also see in the bonus conditions and limitations that a particular offer is only open to one person from the same IP address and household.

#4 – Suspicious Behavior

Machine learning and AI technology are used by primary, licensed casinos to monitor all player behaviour and check for any suspicious tendencies. Some routines involve making preset bets on particular poker hands or maxing out your bets on the slots at specific times.


Casinos are very concerned about gambling bots or fraudulent software since it may be used to win at some games constantly. Online casinos freeze accounts to stop cheaters from abusing games by using their AI technology.

Address the Casino If Any Problem Occurs

Although you are unlikely to be affected by a blocked account, it is still a good idea to find out what has happened immediately. So, you should address the problem with your casino account without delay.

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