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How To Stay Legally Safe During Your First Cannabis Dispensary Trip

Much has changed for cannabis consumers in recent years, with legalization being the most prominent milestone. Several US states have decriminalized and legalized cannabis, so laying your hands on these products is easier than ever. You can buy from a local cannabis dispensary or order your stash online for doorstep delivery. The best part is that you need not worry about getting in trouble with the authorities, provided you follow the rules. But there’s a catch because most buyers take the law for granted and do not pay much attention.

Your first time is often the trickiest because your excitement and enthusiasm may lead to a rash move even without an intention. A single mistake is enough to get you in a fix, even in a legal state, so you must be extra cautious as a beginner. The rules are pretty easy to follow, but you must dig deep to know and understand them in the first place. Here are some actionable tips to stay legally safe during your first cannabis dispensary trip.

Know The Laws Of Your State

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Many states in the country have legalized cannabis in recent years, but you cannot take legality for granted. There is much more to understand when you scratch the surface, so you must know the laws of your state before stepping into a dispensary for the first time. Some states legalize medical and recreational cannabis, while others only permit the medical consumption of non-psychoactive variants. You must also know the difference between psychoactive THC and non-psychoactive CBD to choose the apt products without flouting the rules. You can invest time in online research or get valuable insights from a seasoned user to brush up on the basics of state-specific laws. Remember to check the latest updates before your cannabis dispensary visits because the rules change frequently.

Buy Only From A Legit Cannabis Dispensary

Being in a legal state gives you the freedom to access cannabis products without legal implications. But you must commit to buying only from a legit dispensary, so do check the seller’s credentials before embarking on your first shopping spree. Typically, dispensaries cater to medical consumers, while online stores cover recreational users. Your doctor can be the best source of guidance when choosing a genuine cannabis dispensary to buy your supplies. You may also seek recommendations from a regular user. Following online reviews makes sense if you do not know a regular user. Commit to knowing the seller better before sealing the deal because buying from a credible one is the best way to avoid legal hassles.

Be Aware Of Permissible Quantities

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Buying permissible quantities of cannabis is another crucial aspect of staying out of trouble with the authorities. Enthusiastic beginners fail to check this factor and end up asking for more. But you should steer clear of the unwanted attention this action may lead to. Research the maximum permissible quantity of cannabis you can possess and buy at a time in your state. In most legal states, you can buy a zip of weed, which equals one ounce or 28.35 grams of cannabis flower. The quantity is more than enough for a beginner, so you must commit to dosing cautiously and making it last. Buying a zip makes sense because it saves you from frequent dispensary trips and taxes on multiple purchases.

Carry Your Documents

Medical cannabis is available to patients with qualifying conditions only, even if you are in a legal state. You must check the list of qualifying conditions in the first place. Seeing a medical marijuana specialist gives you a good start as they can guide you about the qualifying condition, ideal product, and apt dosage. You will also have to provide a doctor’s recommendation stating a genuine need for the product. Additionally, dispensaries ask for a medical marijuana card from the buyers. Carrying your personal ID also makes sense because you will probably have to validate your age. Be sure to carry the required documents to buy without hassles and delays. Once again, research gives you a good understanding of preparing for your first dispensary visit in the documentation context.

Bring Cash


Another valuable piece of advice to stay legally safe during your first dispensary visit is to bring cash to pay for your stash. Many dispensaries and stores prefer to deal only in cash because banks are still reluctant about providing services for these products. Cannabis is federally-classified as a Scheduled Substance, which is the reason for banking issues. But you may find some accepting POS payments. However, carrying cash is a better alternative for your first shopping trip as it ensures you can buy even if the dispensary does not accept card payments.

Consume Responsibly

Besides being on the right side of the law while buying cannabis as a first-timer, you must also commit to responsible consumption for the long haul. It is easy to go overboard when you are excited about your first time. Moreover, you can buy a lot more quantity than you require as a beginner. Consuming responsibly ensures safety as a beginner because you manage your dose and follow the rules. Medicinal consumers should stick to the doctor’s word, and recreational users should start with the smallest quantity. Going slow and low is the key, as it enables you to recognize your tolerance levels. It is equally crucial to take relevant precautions, such as avoiding driving after a session and never mixing cannabis with alcohol.


Although cannabis is legal in several states in the US, your first dispensary visit may be fraught with risk. However, knowing the laws and following them stringently is enough to be safe and buy wisely. Luckily, you can get a wealth of information on state laws online, so there is hardly a chance of going wrong if you dig deep before your first buying spree. Know the lingo and pay attention to details to avoid any hassles. Most importantly, stick to a credible seller because they follow the rules and even guide the customers to keep them legally safe from the outset.

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