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5-Step Law Firm Video Marketing Guide

Working in a law firm, marketing is a difficult job. You must contend with governmental constraints that do not apply to other marketers and stiff competition from large corporations. You will need to work smart and accept ideas like developing law firm advertising videos to stand out from the pack. Since the composed words are exceptionally valued in the legitimate calling, lawful substance showcasing systems fixated on online journals are normal.

This neglects video’s consistent ascent in organization advertising, from 61% in 2016 to 86% in 2021. It is developed from a talented advertiser’s instrument to an essential part of the arsenal, and this is valid for video for law offices and other substance areas.

Most Significant Advantages Of Video Marketing:

Let us take a look at the goals that video marketing can help us reach before we explore the specific tactics for developing a video marketing campaign:

  • Potential clients should be educated and contacted

Potential clients

A video can become viral with just one click. A video may be viewed from almost anywhere, allowing it to reach many people. It is simple to understand and listen to in one’s leisure time. It is also substantially less expensive to engage in video marketing through social media.

  • Your website’s SEO could benefit from video content

Because people prefer to obtain information through videos, it is a natural cause-and-effect relationship that a website with more video content will attract more traffic, which will help to increase the website’s SEO and, as a result, its reachability, generating it to be simpler for people to find the website and relevant content through a simple google search.

  • Assisting in the development of a company’s brand

Aside from enlightening potential clients, video content on the internet can assist a lawyer, or law business build a brand. This will aid in the establishment and maintenance of a more personal relationship with your potential clients, as they will feel virtually connected to their lawyer or legal company. One motivation to finance further in law firm video marketing this year is the opportunity to reach such a large audience. Before plunging in, however, make sure you have a well-thought-out strategy. Here are five steps to getting started with video marketing for your law company.

  • Determine your goals

When developing a video marketing strategy, as with any other content marketing strategy, establishing what your law firm aims to achieve is the best place to start. Set goals and measure if the video met those goals with key performance indicators. Is the video meant to boost sales for a specific practice area? Is it intended to raise community knowledge of your company’s brand? Before you start scripting, make sure you can calculate the impact of your movie by selecting the appropriate measuring methods.

  • Make a strategy

Make a strategy

You will have gathered vital information to feed and steer your law firm’s marketing plan after examining what has previously worked, selecting where you want to go, and establishing your budget. While there exist numerous phases to get there, your marketing strategy is essentially an action plan. It advises you on what initiatives you should be working on, such as creating a logo or tagline, increasing your social media activity, scheduling speaking engagements, or updating your website. It will most likely comprise firm-wide marketing activities and activities tailored to individual lawyers’ abilities and interests on a more personal level.

  • It is content time

Are you prepared to analyze what you should find in your video content now that you have finalized the first few steps of your investment in video marketing for your Law Firm? Each target audience and objective necessitates a unique production strategy. Your brand storytelling is the one constant; it must be constant, express your core significance, and appeal to your target market.

However, you will need to determine a few more things as time goes on. What is the duration of your video? I am not sure how it will be included. Is it going to be a timeless piece or a video that’s up to date? The previous processes, particularly your objectives, will aid you in determining these, as will the distribution channels that follow.

  • The video production stage

Now that you have created your script, you are almost there with your first law firm marketing video. The recording and production of the video is now the next step. You may wish to engage outside aid if you are not a skilled cameraman or video editor. Even on a budget, modern smartphone and webcam cameras are of decent quality and can suffice. Also, there are many online video editing websites that can help you to create amazing videos with any skill and you can always try them!

This lawyer, for example, has over 6,000 YouTube subscribers while using only a laptop webcam to record her videos. Quality matters. So, do not dismiss video marketing because of cost or quality issues; it can be a potent marketing tool when done correctly.

  • Share the video on all social media platforms

social media platforms

It is time to take off with your video now that it is finished. Today, sharing your video is simple. There are various platforms from which to pick. It is preferable if your distribution methods and marketing approach are in sync. Here are some suggestions about places to post your videos:

  1. YouTube – Acquired by Google, this platform offers several benefits, including improved SEO, a dedicated audience for online video viewing, and sophisticated analytics.
  2. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – Depending on your overall strategy, you should make your video accessible to your audience on these social media platforms. Make a video to go with it.
  3. Email – Sending videos to your email list is a great way to keep your subscribers engaged.


Video marketing for lawyers should be an essential part of your firm’s marketing strategy. You can capture the attention of potential clients or partners in a non-sales way by telling compelling stories. It is a chance to explain your firm and what makes it unique in a crowded market, from philanthropic activities to honors, in an easy-to-understand format.

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