American Gambling Laws
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The History of American Gambling Laws

It’s no secret that gambling in America is still highly regulated and faces quite a bit of opposition despite its popularity. But the laws on gambling vary widely from state to state. The history of American gambling laws is a long and windy one. To this day there is still lots of different legislation in this area around the country.

It was the first settlers that brought games of chance with them. At the time there were no legal gambling restrictions but quickly there were divided attitudes towards these games. Back then lotteries were broadly used to create revenue of different kinds. They were among other things used to improve schools and universities. But as America got bigger, the gambling tendency began to spread as well. Gambling activities began to move to less regulated places and that’s also when anti-gambling groups emerged.

The Spread Of Gambling In The US

Gambling In The US

One of the cities that became a big gambling city was San Francisco but after the Civil War, it was generally outlawed again in the US. Of course, this meant that gambling activities took place illegally for many years. After the big crash of the stock market in 1929 gambling was legalized in Nevada. In 1977 gambling was legalized in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Specific types of gambling were legalized around the country in the following years.

In the 90s, riverboat casinos were made legal in a few states including Louisiana and Illinois. Later on, as gambling became more popular, and especially online gambling exploded in popularity, the laws were changed. In 2021 gambling, in general, is legal in the US but the states have the right to make their own gambling laws which many of them have.

American Gambling Laws Today

Gambling Laws today

In most states gambling is legal in smaller geographic areas like Atlantic City for example. In other places, gambling is allowed in American Indian reservations. Some of these reservations are very close to some of the major cities. There are several states where gambling is illegal and, in most places, it is restricted. It is only in Nevada and Louisiana where gambling is legal statewide. In many states, some games are legal while others are illegal. Learn more about the specific regulations on poker.

Online Gambling

Online gambling

There is a lot of regulation on online gambling. This seems to perhaps be changing as many states are proposing to change the laws on gambling. This is somewhat due to the potential revenue of legalization and also because of the popularity of online gambling activities like sports betting for example. There has been an update on the US gambling laws of sports betting because of the massive popularity of this specific gambling discipline.

It seems like the history of American gambling laws could be probably changing in the years to come. The interest in online gambling and betting seems to be continuously increasing. You can find a guide to legal American online casinos at

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