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Tips To Acquire Italian Residency With An Investor Visa

Italy is a dream destination for people with immigration goals. If you want to experience a slice of the European lifestyle, explore all that Italy has to offer. It has pleasant weather, alluring landscapes, an easy lifestyle, and warm culture. The education and healthcare systems of the country are worth appreciating. There are abundant career and business opportunities for residents.

Eventually, you can unlock immense benefits with an Italian second passport by getting citizenship in the country. The best part is that acquiring residency with an investor visa is a breeze. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend it as an ideal immigration option for people who do not qualify through ancestral connections or marriage. Here are some proven tips for obtaining Italian residency with an investor visa.

Know your investment alternatives

investment alternatives

Eligibility is the last thing you need to stress about when applying for an investor visa. Money is all you need to buy a residency in Italy with this Golden Visa option. The best part is that you even have multiple investment alternatives to consider according to your financial capacity. These include-

  • An innovative startup (€250,000)
  • An established company (€500,000)
  • A philanthropic donation (€1 million)
  • Purchase of government bonds (€2 million)

Have the paperwork ready

Choosing an apt funding option gives you the right start, but you will not have to bring the money until much later. But you need to have the paperwork ready to validate your investment capacity. Essentially, you will require bank statements as proof of funds for obtaining the certificate of no impediment (nulla osta). You can apply for the investor visa only after getting the certificate, so documentary evidence is essential.

Collaborate with an expert

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Although the investor visa is among the fastest and easiest immigration options to reach Italy as a resident, you should not take it frivolously. The smallest mistakes can lead to delays or rejection. Collaborating with an expert makes sense because they can guide you and ensure there are no errors or omissions in your documents for nulla osta and investor visa. An immigration expert can also help you with the ultimate goal of Italian citizenship.

Have funds at hand before landing

Remember to have your funds at hand before landing in Italy. You can convert your investor visa into a residence permit on landing. It is now time to bring in the committed investment, and you have to do it within three months. Failing to fulfill your commitment can get you in deep trouble with the revocation of your residence permit. Ensuring readiness can save you from such a situation.

at a residency

Don’t stop at a residency

The Italian investor visa opens you up to the benefits of residency as you can live and work in Italy, access healthcare and education, and travel visa-free to the EU. But remember not to stop at the residency. You can leverage this opportunity to own one of the most powerful second passports with dual citizenship benefits. Seek advice from your immigration consultant to convert from residence status to citizenship by naturalization down the line. It is a decade-long process, but the wait is worthwhile.

Getting an Italian residency opens you to a new life in an incredible country. Follow these simple investor visa tips to make the journey as smooth as possible.

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