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Top Law Schools & Their Rankings

To become a smart attorney, you generally have to be good at figuring out complex problems. Because most cases are like mysteries and require attorneys to be smart. Smartness and intelligence help attorneys win cases, get deals done, get more clients, and so on. It is one of the reasons the LSAT is required to enter law schools. The LSAT tests your ability to solve puzzles that are a crucial part of an attorney’s job.

It shows that if you are good enough to sift through the LSAT, you’ll probably also perform well at law school and later as an attorney. Here is why you should keep the university’s ranking in mind if you are going to law school right after high school.

Most students choose law schools based on personal preferences, like the law school closest to them, the law school their grandparents went to, or a law school that they are emotionally attached to for any other reason.

It is important to know that a top-ranking university will open new doors of employment and diverse careers for you, so which universities you apply to should be a well-thought-through decision.

US News and World Report ranked all the universities. So, if you hear that a particular university is among the top-ranked universities or has a top law school ranking in your state, it’s because the university was assessed on several factors that were top-notch and vital in shaping a student’s personality, knowledge, developing critical skills, and tackling challenges.

Law schools, in particular, can help students learn legal ethics; critical thinking; people and collaboration skills; business, tech, and data analytics basics; marketplace awareness; a learning-for-life mentality; an understanding of the laws and their implementation in real life.

At law school, you can choose to take advantage of opportunities that come your way, such as dual degrees and library and research opportunities that differ from law school to law school. University student organizations help students enrich their academic experience and work under the supervision of experienced teachers who will guide them to academic success.

The faculty of law school is one of the most important factors that students should consider when deciding on a law school. Choosing a law school with the best professors will hone your critical analysis skills and provide you with a legal education that will empower you to make excellent contributions to the legal profession yourself.

Other than work-related experience and education, university life teaches you a lot, and you enjoy the taste of independence and time with classmates of different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. One of the best things about going for a top law school ranking is that it can alter your outlook on the world. It’s a chance to move to a new place, meet people from different families, learn about fascinating ideas, and experience culture, art, and politics in a constructive environment that broadens your mind.

Brooklyn Law School Ranking – A Prestigious Institute

Brooklyn Law School Ranking


The Brooklyn Law School is situated in New York at the junction of the downtown Brooklyn Heights Historic District and the Brooklyn Civic Center. The university has unrivaled legal, cultural, and historical characters. Its alumni include federal and state judges, government officials, and the state’s best lawyers in private practice.


In 1901, the Brooklyn Law School was founded as a part of the Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Brooklyn Law had established a Department of Commerce in 1890, which skyrocketed in delivering financial education, so a few years down the line, new programs were offered by the university as it went on gaining popularity.


Life at Brooklyn University is amazing in plenty of ways. The Brooklyn Law School has the top law school ranking in the United States and is one of the oldest law schools. Fundamentally, the school provides its students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values needed to build a successful career in law. Moreover, the university lets its students take the maximum benefit from the information sessions and activities that prepare them mentally and physically for the life ahead.

If your goal is to gain an apprenticeship, it is advisable to do some research on the programs offered at Brooklyn Law School. The Law School has several clinics that help you gain hands-on experience in solving cases, dealing with clients, and applying your formal education practically.

Admission Procedure

The Brooklyn Law School accepts law school admission tests (LSAT) and graduates record examinations (GRE) and the application is free. Moreover, there are no deadlines for applications, so even if you send an application late, you’ll be considered for the next school year. To make it to the incoming school year, you should send your application before February 1.

The application procedure for full-time and part-time programs is the same. The Brooklyn Law School currently offers 439 part-time programs. And the acceptance rate is 47%, which is higher than most top-ranked law school universities.

Brooklyn Law School’s top law school ranking plays a huge role in inviting international students as well. Students who study at Brooklyn Law School are 39% men and 60% women. There are approximately 29% of students of color, out of which 12% have foreign citizenship.

William And Mary Law School Ranking 2021

William and Mary Law School campus


The Marshall-Wythe School of Law is a public research university of the College of William & Mary also known as the William and Marry Law School. It is a public research university that has a top law school ranking and is located in the city of Williamsburg in Virginia, the oldest law school in the United States. Several American presidents, lawmakers, and congressmen are among its alumni. William and Mary Law School is ranked highly as one of the most prestigious and top law schools in the United States.


William and Mary Law School’s top law school ranking speaks for itself. Due to the school’s significance and age, it has been a pioneer in American law and is home to the first students of U.S. higher education. The name William and Mary Law School carry a lot of weight, and the law school has steadfastly adhered to its high standards over the years.

The William and Mary Law School Rankings depend on the metric it uses and the publications list, which changes a bit every year but has stayed in the same range for years. Over the years, the university has maintained some very important standards that make William and Mary Law School stand out on the list of the top law school rankings in the country.

The college building is the oldest in continuous use in the United States and is named the Sir Christopher Wren Building. Until 1723, the William and Mary Law School was referred to as “the College” as it was the only academic college in the entire college. In 1723, the creation of a second building, the Baffert Building, led to its naming.


The building is a National Historic Landmark. The landmark also has off-campus locations such as Gloucester Point for the School of Marine Sciences. The main campus features woodlands and an artificial lake that is known as the Matoaka, and the campus instills a sense of environmental stewardship. The woodlands also have trails that run across campus. The long summer vacation of William and Mary Law School is a great time to gain experience and skills through internships, summer jobs, or work experience placements through the law school’s placement division.

Admission Procedure

If you are sending your applications to the William and Mary Law School, the deadline is March 1st. You’ll have to pay an application fee of $85 upon submitting your application. You’d need an LSAT score, and the higher the LSAT score, the greater your chances of getting into the university. Your GPA from the undergraduate program also matters. The higher the GPA, the higher your chances of making it to the William & Marry Law School.

Rutgers Law School Ranking- Everything You Should Know

About Rutgers Law School


Rutgers Law School in Camden and Newark has a world-class faculty that makes Rutgers Law School one of the top-rated law schools in the country, as is evident from its top law school ranking. The Rutgers Law School offers several programs and opportunities for specialization that start in the second year. The university offers the perfect blend of features that any good law school would offer.


The top law school ranking is based on the law school’s mission and quality of education. Rutgers Law School is a part of Rutgers University situated in the State of New Jersey with one campus in Camden and the other in Newark. The two campuses were joined in 2015 and are now run as a singly administered law school. It gives students a chance to gain important legal experience and uses modern distance-learning technology to offer classes to students at both locations.


The Rutgers Law School campus is one of the best, and the facilities provided to students at the law school are top-notch. Students can gain hands-on experience by participating in clinical programs throughout the university. It sits high on the list of the top law school ranking in the country. There are 16 clinics in the university where students solve casework for actual clients, which is supervised by the full-time Rutgers Law Faculty. Such clinical educational programs help students solve issues such as international human rights, constitutional rights, domestic violence, and many others.

Admission Procedure

Rutgers Law School applications should be sent in before May 15, 2021. The students are required to enclose 2 or 3 recommendation letters with their undergraduate transcripts via LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service. They are also required to write a personal essay and send their CV along.

Notre Dame Law School Ranking – A Good Law School Indeed

Notre Dame Law School


Notre Dame Law School is the professional graduate law school of the University of Notre Dame, established in 1869 as a Catholic Law School. To this day, the law school is operating on its vision of disciplining mind and soul. As a Roman Catholic law school, Notre Dame Law School has a top law school ranking.

The faculty at Notre Dame Law School ranks as one of the best, and the campuses allow students to swap semesters and years. So, a student studying at Notre Dame Law School can spend a semester or year abroad. It is one of the most practical Catholic institutes in the U.S. and is also popular for being the toughest law school to get into.

Students are given several great opportunities, such as internships, exchange programs, and guidance to start their law firms.


The Notre Dame Law School was established as a Roman Catholic Law School in 1869 in Sorin Hall. The Law School’s building was completed around 1930, which is still in use and serves as the home for the Kresge Law Library, a few classrooms, and some of the law school’s staff offices.


The students enjoy their life at the top law school ranking Notre Dame Law School. The Law School has a beautiful campus and an amazing community. Apart from formal legal education, the Notre Dame Law School lets students come together to moot court, cheer for the Fighting Irish sports teams, travel in Europe while participating in the London Law Program, or meet with faculty members over lunch in the Law School’s living room, Eck Commons.

Admission Procedure

Notre Dame has the 22nd highest top law school ranking among the top law schools, and the ranking represents its high standards of legal excellence in education and training. The Notre Dame Law School has the 20th highest law school ranking in the U.S. and a student selectivity rate of 25% per year.

The last date for sending application forms is March 15th. The admission fee that is to be paid for the application is $75. The Notre Dame Law School offers seats to minority groups as well.

Loyola Law School Ranking: It’s Not That Hard To Get In

Some final points about Loyola Law School ranking


Loyola Law School is ranked 72nd in the nation in the list of America’s best graduate schools, which is a great top law school ranking. The Loyola Law School is situated in downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the city, with numerous legal, financial, and entertainment centers. It is just around the corner from Staples Centre and LA Live. The vibe of the city and the university is charming. Los Angeles is the nation’s second-largest city, and there is so much to do in the city during your student years at Loyola Law School.


Loyola Law School was established in 1920 as a private, Roman Catholic law school in Los Angeles. The Law School has a long history of contact with civil law schools in other parts of the world and a top law school ranking that attracts international students. Loyola Law School bears its public service agenda with matchless pride, and its influence on supporting the rights of minorities and victims is commendable. The law school focuses on staying in touch with the legal arenas of the new time and is, therefore, a great option for prospective top law school ranking students who want to be the legal experts of the future, full of new challenges and novel legal problems.

Loyola has an incredible reputation for its CSR projects, top law school ranking, and students are required to participate for at least 40 hours in pro bono services. Loyola has always been one of the most involved institutes, striving to exonerate wrongfully convicted prisoners.

The Loyola Law School also runs the Federal Public Defender Death Penalty Clinic that challenges the convictions of condemned prisoners. The Shriver Landlord-Tenant Clinic lets the students work with low-income clients in eviction cases. The Immigrant Justice Clinic does valuable work in safeguarding and ensuring the rights of immigrant workers.


The Loyola Law School in downtown Los Angeles has beautiful architecture that reflects diversity. The campus is the perfect place to relax, study, and connect with the community. Loyola Law School brings together the multitude of perspectives, dreams, big ideas, and ambitious goals that inspire and revitalize Loyola’s life. In contemporary society, the Loyola Law School’s mission is to skill its students in the most useful and relevant areas of law.

Admission Procedure

To apply at Loyola, you’ll need to send in your application with a fee of $60. If you cannot afford to pay a $60 fee, you can ask for a fee waiver and, as the university’s policy states, it will not have any effect on the application acceptance. The higher your LSAT score, the higher your chances of getting admitted to Loyola Law School. You can use the online admission portal to apply to Loyola Law School.

Fordham Law School Ranking: One Of The Best Of Manhattan

Fordham Law Outcomes


Fordham Law School is a reputable law school in Manhattan, New York with a top law school ranking. It is universally regarded with genuine reverence and is also famous for its top law school ranking. The ranking reflects the distinguished accomplishments of the university and the impressive benefits of studying at Fordham Law School.


Fordham Law School was established in 1969, which became home to Fordham College at Lincoln Center. The Fordham Institute soon became popular and started offering several other degree programs with a top law school ranking. Fordham Law School has a top law school ranking for several factors that include: individual departments and their cultures; the potential availability of mentoring; associated career opportunities; cost of attendance; location; and campus life. The school is effective in preparing individuals for bar programs.


College life can shape an individual in so many ways. Fordham Law School engages a diverse community and brings them together to grow intellectually and emotionally. The university has several clubs that you can become a part of and enjoy your life at Fordham Law School.

The sense of friendship and community prepares law students to empathize, which is an essential part of a career in law. Fordham Law School has grown, transformed, and become a law school that equips its law students to excel in every area of law. University life brings out the best in them and helps them reach their true potential.

Admission Procedure

Fordham, being one of the top law school ranking universities in the country, chooses its students selectively. The application essays are required from applicants, and the grades are also taken into account. Your GPA from the undergraduate program and your LSAT score matters the most.

Although the Fordham Law School doesn’t only consider the academic results, it does pay some attention to the student’s grades. To enter Fordham Law School, you need to focus on essay writing and write the best essay that will get you admitted to Fordham.

University Of Washington Law School Ranking: Still The Best Law School Of Pacific Northwest

University Of Washington Law


The University of Washington Law School is one of the best law schools in the Pacific Northwest, with a top law school ranking. It is located in the northwest corner of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.


The University of Washington Law School was established in 1899, and the first class of 12 students graduated in 1901. In 1924, the University of Washington Law School was accredited by the American Bar Association and started gaining popularity. For more than a century, the University of Washington Law School has maintained a consistent reputation for providing quality education and a top law school ranking.

It comes on the top law school ranking in the United States with a low student-to-faculty ratio. In the year 2020, U.S. News and World Report ranked the university as the 16th best in its performance indicators and excellence.


The University of Washington Law School is one of the best private law schools in the region. The Law School offers a broad curriculum and professional practice experiences. If you have been dreaming of living in the Washington area and at the University of Washington Law School, rest assured that it is the best experience ever.

The student organizations at the University of Washington Law School are focused on special interests and types of law, allowing students to explore unique academic, social, and legal points of view. The Health and Wellness Center at the University of Washington Law School offers state-of-the-art health programs that are dedicated to holistically serving the campus students. The university campus is beautiful, with breathtaking views, and is a great environment to be in. Students from all over the world come to study at the University of Washington Law School, where you’ll also get to experience diversity and bond with a community.

Admission Procedure

Just like other top-ranked law schools, to apply to the University of Washington Law School, you’ll need to show your LSAT score, and the last date to apply is April 1. However, applicants are encouraged to complete their applications by November or December.

The university keeps up to date with changing trends, and the law school is quickly moving to remote learning because of COVID-19. Because of everything it offers, the law school remains a sought-after global destination for future students.

Final Words On The Top Law School Ranking

Students often make the mistake of checking universities that have top law school rankings. Many students have some expectations and personal preferences when it comes to choosing a law school. If you choose a law school that is not for you, you might feel uncomfortable and out of place. Therefore, it is recommended to do a deeper search before you apply to a law school.

You cannot rely on a top law school ranking alone; you need to do far more research than that. Look at the law school’s goal and read stories of students who studied at the same law school. Other students’ negative and positive experiences will help you decide which law school is the best fit for you.

There are various career paths that you can choose after getting your degree in law from a top law school ranking, such as a judge, corporate lawyer, litigator, or solicitor, or something else, as there are a host of career prospects that will open up for you.

If you apply to law school, you will be committing at least three years of your life to the school. It is therefore advised to do complete research and begin your law school journey with a positive and serious attitude.

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