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7 Types of Car Accidents Leading to Personal Injury Claims

There are hundreds of car accidents happening daily all over the world. For example, the Dallas car accident lawyers are dealing with accidents every two hours and twenty-six minutes.

No matter the reason for the accident, it is very important to know when or in what case you are entitled to compensation for lost wages, damages to the properties, or any type of medical expense. That being said, here are seven types of car accidents that lead to personal injury claims.

1. Head-on Crash

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These types of collisions happen when two cars hit each other head-to-head. Usually, they are caused by drunk drivers slipping to another lane, or simply driving while being distracted.

There are also cases when the driver is experiencing medical conditions – such as a heart attack – while driving and this causes the impact. These types of collisions are about thirty-four percent of all traffic-related fatalities.

2. Running from the Accident Scene

The possibility of getting into a car accident may scare you a lot. There are plenty of drivers that flee the scene when this happens, simply because they are afraid of the repercussions that might fall upon them.

Usually, these cases are very challenging, but they do not make it very hard for you to track the driver down, as the license plate or the model of the vehicle can mark important details in doing so. In the U.S., a hit and run happens almost every forty-three seconds.

3. Junction Car Accidents

These types of collisions usually happen because of aggressive driving. It is very important to know that the way you drive can impact others at a higher level than you might think. Of course, other matters can cause intersection collisions, such as not making proper turns, or ignoring signs, signals, traffic lights, etc.

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4. Tail End Collisions

We already covered the head-on accidents, but there are also rear-end ones. Mostly, these types of crashes happen because the driver is either following too closely or is not paying attention to the road while driving. There are a lot of situations when the driver in front of us stops suddenly.

If the distance between you and the driver in front of you isn’t well measured, there is a big chance you will be involved in a tail-end crash. Mostly, the rear driver is at fault for these types of accidents, but that might not always be the case. If the forward driver has suddenly stopped in active traffic or has reversed without reason, he or she might as well be at fault.

5. Individual Automobile Crashes

As funny as this sounds, you might be surprised to find that single-vehicle accidents happen more often than you think. Think about the situations when you are driving, all by yourself, on a rocky mountain road, for example. All of a sudden, a fox crosses your path. Most of the time, you do not have the time or the reflexes to react and you hit the fox or any other animal for that matter.

But it is not always an animal. It could be dropped cargo, or a truck tire head. No matter the “obstacle”, single-vehicle accidents happen when a hazard causes the automobile to deviate from the road, where it might hit different obstacles. It is also possible that a vehicle rolls over and falls into a ditch, especially if you are on some sort of coast.

There are a few causes for these incidents, including DUIs, driving while tired, bad weather, or animals in the way. They can be also caused by the reckless driving of another driver or poorly designed road work zones.

6. Getting into Heavy Traffic

Trying to get yourself into already heavy traffic is difficult even for the most experienced drivers. There are plenty of accidents happening while trying to introduce yourself into an already busy lane.

Mostly, accidents that happen while trying to merge into traffic are caused when you do not pay attention to your blind spots. Other causes are that you might be trying to cut someone’s path, you are not matching the speed of the traffic, or you are simply driving recklessly.

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7. Hitting a Bicyclist/Pedestrian

This type of accident is the one that generates the most personal injury claims. There are different types of drivers, as well as different types of pedestrians or bicyclists. No matter which one is at fault, this can be a fatal injury, if someone is not paying enough attention.

Both categories of people can be at fault. Different pedestrians simply ignore the basic rules of crossing the street, as there are some drivers who do not pay attention to crossroads.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you don’t get to experience any of these accidents. But, in case of a fatality, now you know what can lead to personal injury claims. And remember that it’s always best to have a lawyer by your side in such situations.

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