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9 Types of Law in Louisiana and When to Call Each Type of Lawyer

Most people know that they need to hire a lawyer if they’ve committed a crime and have to appear in court. This is known as criminal defense law, and the type of lawyer you hire when appearing in court is called an attorney. Both lawyers and attorneys can provide legal advice, and both can practice in various areas of the law. Here are nine types of law areas common in Louisiana and when you would need to hire a lawyer or attorney in each area.

Types of Law In Louisiana

Types of Law In Louisiana

1: Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law is an area of law that focuses on insolvency issues for both individuals and businesses. So whether you own a business or not, you can consult a bankruptcy lawyer in Louisiana if you experience consumer or commercial bankruptcy.

2: Corporate Law

Corporate lawyers (also known as business lawyers) handle the legal matters of small and large businesses. They help business owners with mergers, acquisitions, patents, and intellectual property. Corporate attorneys also represent their clients in liability disputes. If you own a business, it’s a good idea to hire a corporate lawyer, even if it’s only for developing contracts.

3: Employment Law

Employment law is another types of law in Louisiana. It is as the name suggests, deals with issues that can come up in the workplace. This includes wage regulations, discrimination, and workplace harassment. Some employment lawyers may even help with workers’ compensation (which is usually a part of personal injury law) since it deals with the workplace. So contact an employment lawyer in Louisiana if you’re dealing with any of these workplace issues.

4: Family Law

Family law deals with all things relating to families— not just marriage agreements and divorce papers. You would need to contact a Louisiana family lawyer or attorney for adoption and child custody issues, paternity, and juvenile delinquency.

5: Immigration Law

Immigration law is another types of law. Usually, immigration lawyers help non-U.S. citizens gain legal citizenship. Some immigration lawyers may even help refugees gain citizenship in the U.S.

6: Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law protects the rights of creators such as artists, authors, musicians, and even business owners. No matter what type of business you want to start (e.g., sole proprietorship, limited liability company, etc.),  it’s a good idea to hire an intellectual property lawyer in Louisiana to help secure trademarks, copyrights, and patents. This also includes intangible property, such as business names, slogans, and logos.

7: Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is probably the types of law that most people are familiar with. The majority of personal injury attorneys deal with motor vehicle accidents (i.e., cars, big trucks, motorcycles, and even bus accidents, but personal injury also includes workers’ compensation, product liability, premises liability, and nursing home abuse and neglect. Because personal injury covers all injuries that can hold another party liable, you must make sure that the Louisiana personal injury lawyer you choose covers your area of need.

8: Real Estate Law

Real estate lawyers deal with legal property transactions, and most states (including Louisiana) require individuals to hire a real estate attorney to assist with closing duties. While real estate agents help you with the basics of buying and selling a property, real estate lawyers will help you navigate the legal side of real estate. Each state has its own specific laws, and hiring a real estate lawyer can be more than helpful if you’re moving to Louisiana from another state.

9: Tax Law

Tax lawyers have a full understanding of tax laws, and like accountants, there are certain circumstances in which you’d need to hire a tax lawyer. These include:

  •     Help with trusts and estates
  •     Representation in court
  •     You owe a large amount of back taxes
  •     You want to negotiate with the IRS

If you’re just undergoing an IRS audit, you don’t necessarily need to hire a Louisiana tax lawyer, but you will need to hire an accountant.

It can be hard to differentiate whether you’d need a tax lawyer versus an accountant, or a real estate lawyer versus a real estate agent, but the general rule of thumb is that if you need legal advice (lawyer) or legal representation in court (attorney), you should hire a lawyer.

Of course, there are law firms in Louisiana that practice in other areas of the law, but these are the major categories. Other examples include medical malpractice (which typically falls under personal injury) and estate planning. Whatever reason you may need to hire a lawyer or attorney in Louisiana, make sure that the law firm you choose specializes in your specific area of need.

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