Duties Of A Parental Alienation Lawyer

Parental alienation is a technique in which one parent purposefully conveys to the child unjustifiable hostility toward the other parent

8 manifestations of parental alienation:

- A defamation campaign.  - Weak, silly, and ridiculous justifications.  - Absence of ambiguity.  - The occurrence of “independent thinkers.”  - The lack of guilt.  - Support for the alienated parent.  - Used phrases and instances.  - Ignoring extended relative

Is Parental Alienation Hard To Prove?

You must be able to demonstrate that the behavior of your ex is genuinely harming your child in order to establish parental alienation.

What Are The Duties Of A Parental Alienation Lawyer?

Parental alienation lawyers may play a number of different roles in parental alienation cases. The most typical scenario is representing one of the parents in court. Additionally, lawyers may be selected by the court to act as the child’s “best interest” representative or GAL (Guardian ad Litem).