Industrial Projects
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Industrial Projects

Industrial projects involve synergies of expertise, industrial partnerships and alliances for the distribution of risks and the financing of the project.

The setting up of projects will therefore be accompanied by the creation of a joint venture in which industrial partners will pool technological and industrial capacities.

A preliminary phase may relate to the technical and financial feasibility studies of the project.

For the implementation phase of the project, the joint venture contract will set up the contributions of the partners of the joint venture, the structure and the operating rules. The industrial project is also accompanied by contracts with the beneficiary of the project which will contain the provisions regarding the operation of the project, performance guarantees and transfers of technology and know-how, possibly assistance for training and operation. of the project . This corresponds to the nature of the contract for the execution of the project, which can be a turnkey supply contract or products in hand.

Generally other contracts will define the ownership structure of the project, the subsequent management structure of the project, once it is delivered, possibly with a management assistance contract, the financing with the related guarantees.

Commercial and distribution agreements with supply commitments can complete the contractual arrangement to ensure the marketing of the products that will come from the industrial project.

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