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What Does A Civilian Military Lawyer Do?

When faced with military charges and lawsuits, you can call any lawyer for legal aid, but there are attorneys whose line of expertise is military-related cases. These professionals are called civilian-military lawyers.

If you’re interested in who they are and what exactly they can do, here are some pieces of information that can enlighten you.

What Is A Civilian Military Lawyer?

What Is A Civilian Military Lawyer

Civilian-military lawyers are individuals involved in every legal activity within the military ecosystem. Such attorneys are trained in keeping the mandates and principles that guide the representation of a defendant. They look after your case, help you face allegations, and ensure you get justice. In any case, you’ll need some legal advice, you can search online for law firms near your area that offer military representation, such as Aaron Meyer Law, which can be your best option in facing your legal battle.

These lawyers are not precisely military personnel, but they understand court-martial actions and lawsuits. They’re equipped with complete knowledge, experience, and training regarding military laws and legal technicalities.

Duties And Roles Of A Civilian Military Lawyer

Before you consult civilian-military lawyers, you should know what they do and how they can help you. Some of their duties and services include the following:

1. They Carry Out An Independent Investigation

The course of action of all military lawyers is restricted and defined by the military. Since they work within the military space, military lawyers are usually sponsored by the funds allocated to the military. But civilian-military lawyers are different because they work independently.

In other words, all of the investigations that the civilian-military lawyers carry out are bankrolled by themselves or, in some cases, funded by their clients. Besides, they make independent reports and witnesses readily available. Therefore, it’s easier for these lawyers to execute investigations with confidentiality.

2. They Carry Out Research Through Trial Sessions

Trial sessions allow time for proper justice. When they’re extensive, lawyers can carry out adequate investigations to ensure they get the needed evidence. Civilian-military lawyers use their broad experience to navigate trial sessions to favor their clients. Being versatile in civil and court-martial actions, they have the skills and tools to get into more research by bargaining on extensive trial sessions.

3. They Handle Litigation As A Military Personnel

The civilian-military lawyers work as army professionals. They combine their military insight with civilian skills to deliver the best legal protection for clients in the court of law. They best understand what clients face during cases such as assault, rape, and abuse. The reason for this is that they’ve extensive experience handling the same cases in the past.

4. They Provide Legal Advice And Counsel

They Provide Legal Advice And Counsel

Civilian-military lawyers provide legal advice and counsel to military clients. They tell them what to do and what not to do during a lawsuit. They explain their rights in detail and express the options available to them to win the case. Aside from that, they serve as counselors and companions throughout the trial process. They provide support and ensure clients face little to no tension in any way.

5. They’re Attentive To Clients

Military lawyers have several jobs to do and it’s because they’re assigned by the government. They could work on several cases at a time. That said, the high number of cases they need to handle implies that they can only give lesser attention to each case. On the other hand, a civilian-military lawyer is different. Since they’re independent, they only work on cases they can attend to maximally. They walk alongside their clients through the legal-military journey, explain the process to them, and ensure they get the justice they deserve.

6. They Work Strictly According To Assigned Schedules

Civilian-military lawyers execute legal duties under strict schedules and control. They operate according to the official protocols guiding the military body. They perform their tasks to fulfill two main functions: stand in as your attorney in the court of law and ensure legal representation doesn’t collide with military actions. Therefore, they’re often under duress to not lose legal cases. If such happens, such individuals may suffer retribution and lose essential jobs.

7. They Put The Power Back In Your Hands

They Put The Power Back In Your Hands

It can be challenging confronting entities greater than you. Most military people slug it out with the government. Whether the case is about salary, compensation, or personal safety, winning over the government is tricky. But with civilian-military lawyers, there’s no power imbalance. These attorneys bring the power back to you and ensure you get the justice you deserve.


The importance of lawyers in the military cannot be ignored because offenses are common. In cases of wrong accusation, sexual assault, and payment errors within the military, a civilian-military lawyer can represent any victim in the military court of law. This article has fully explained how a civilian-military lawyer can help anyone seek justice.

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