What is considered a personal injury
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What Is Considered a Personal Injury? Your Complete Guide

The average person experiences just under 10,000 minor injuries in their lifetime. This includes things like cuts, scrapes, bruises, strained muscles, stubbed toes, etc.

In most cases, these types of injuries hardly affect the activities of our day-to-day lives. We simply apply a band-aide, take an over-the-counter painkiller, and move on with our day.

However, there are also severe injuries we might sustain through more serious accidents. In some cases, these accidents aren’t even our fault, which means you probably have a personal injury case.

But what is considered a personal injury and what should you do if you think you have a case?

We are here to provide you with insight and information. Keep reading to learn about the most common types of personal injury claims.

Auto Accidents

What to Expect from a personal injury attorney

Auto accident injuries are any easy answer to “What is considered a personal injury.” There are 6 million car accidents in the US each year, half of which result in some kind of injury.

If your injury is severe enough, it behooves you to hire a personal injury lawyer. They can help you identify your damages, which can include more than your injuries and the damages done to your vehicle.

You must also consider how your car accident injuries will affect:

  • Your quality of life
  • Your mental health
  • Your long-term well-being
  • Your professional life
  • And more

Before settling with the liable insurance company after a car accident, reach out to a lawyer to help you go over the details of your case. Then, you can decide whether or not you need to pursue more compensation.

Property Liability Accidents

Property liability claims are some of the most common personal injury cases. If you’re wondering, “What is a personal injury claim in terms of property liability?” the answer varies.

Some of the most common property liability cases include slips and falls. These can be caused by wet floors, tripping hazards, ice, etc. Other property liability injuries include overhanging hazards, falling objects, sharp corners and edges, rotting floorboards, unsecured railings, and more.

In essence, if the property owner failed to mitigate potential injuries, they can be held accountable.

Medical Malpractice

Now, let’s take a look at what is considered a personal injury in the world of healthcare. Medical malpractice claims aren’t uncommon. Most of us trust our doctors and other healthcare specialists implicitly, which can lead to some problems.

For example, if you’re misdiagnosed, you can be prescribed treatments that cause more harm than good. Just as importantly, your provider will fail to treat the real issue, which can lead to more severe health problems. Other types of medical malpractice include surgical errors, incorrect prescriptions, birth injuries, and more.

If you suffered an injury or your health declined due to medical malpractice, you deserve compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in this field to ensure you get the financial reimbursement necessary to right the wrong.


What is Assault

In some cases, the answer to “What is considered a personal injury?” is difficult to talk about. Negligence isn’t the only qualifying factor in personal injury cases. Sometimes, willful intent can cause serious, long-lasting, and life-altering trauma.

If you were assaulted by a stronger, loved-one, or co-worker, you can hold them liable for your damages. This includes your medical bills, pain and suffering, mental and emotional trauma, and more.

You have an inherent right to safety and well-being. If someone violates your rights, you can sue them for compensation, on top of pressing charges.

Dog Bites

Animal attacks, in some cases, can be filed under property liability claims. However, these types of personal injury claims aren’t limited to property or location.

For example, if you’re walking down the street or in the park and an unleashed dog attacks you, you can sue the owner for their lack of control over the animal. The same can be said if you’re attacked by a dog in a commercial building or residential home.

However, there are a few things that can discredit your case. For example, if you’re trespassing while you’re attacked, you probably won’t be awarded any money. Similarly, if you’re purposely antagonizing an animal, you’ll be considered at fault.

Product Defects

When asking, “What is considered a personal injury regarding consumer products?” the answer varies from case to case. Most manufacturers of inherently dangerous products (like power tools) cover their bases well to avoid lawsuits. That’s why products come with instructions and disclaimers.

If you’re using the product in any way other than what it was intended for, you probably won’t be able to sue the manufacturer successfully. However, if a product is defective, it’s another story.

Defective products can cause things like shocks, cuts, lacerations, and worse. If you’re injured because a product you bought was broken or defective, you have grounds to pursue a personal injury case.

Workplace Injuries


Workplace injuries are more common in some industries than in others. Contractors, factor workers, and electricians are more likely to sustain workplace injuries than office workers. However, that’s not to say it can’t happen.

Even office workers and other employees of non-hazardous jobs can be injured at work. This includes slips and falls, assaults, and more.

In most cases, the company’s worker’s compensation insurance will take care of the employee. However, if they’re denying the claim or settling low, you need to work with a personal injury attorney to make sure your needs are met.

Wrongful Death

Finally, sometimes accidents cause severe injuries that result in death. While it’s hard to think past the trauma and grief, you must take action to pursue justice. In this case, it means holding the liable party (or their insurance provider) accountable.

You can pursue compensation based on the victim’s:

  • Lost wages and potential earnings
  • Role in the family
  • Pain and suffering before death
  • And more

Work with an attorney to make sure the survivors are covered financially. Just as importantly, your loved one deserves justice for their untimely death.

Are You Wondering, “What is Considered a Personal Injury?”

As you can see, the answer to “What is considered a personal injury?” varies greatly. If you’re in any doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to a personal injury attorney in your area. Get a free consultation to learn more about your case.

And if you’re looking for more advice or want to hire a lawyer, we can help. Use our site to learn more about your personal injury case or locate a qualified attorney near you.

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