Car Accident
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What Should I Do if I Have a Car Accident?

Every time you get into a car, you accept the risk associated with driving a vehicle. A moment’s loss of concentration, driving dangerously, or the actions of a third party could result in a car accident.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, you need to be aware of a couple of things, so you don’t land in hot water.

Obligations That Must Be Met Before Leaving the Car Accident Scene

Who are Car Accident Lawyers

If you’re in an accident, please supply the third party with all the necessary details. The police must be alerted if there is damage to people or property.

Where there is an injured party, you must stay at the accident scene and wait for medical help, the police, etc. Leaving to get the appropriate help would be allowed.

Get professional legal advice if you are facing a charge due to leaving the scene of a car accident.

Alerting the Police

You must contact the police if you or a third party has been injured in a car accident.

You must report the following accidents:

  • Accidents that result in damage to vehicles.
  • Accidents that cause property damage.
  • Accidents that cause injury to a person.
  • Accidents that result in death.

Upon arrival, the police will test all drivers for the presence of any intoxicating substances. They will also ask for an account of what took place.

Communicating With the Police

Multi-Car Accident

The police have the authority to acquire the necessary information relating to an accident.

You need to provide the police with details so that the police can identify these people:

  • The owner of the car.
  • The person possessing the vehicle.
  • The car’s registered owner.
  • Anyone who can assist the police in getting the required information.

The police are authorised to investigate any car, person, animal or property related to the collision.

Witnesses, passengers, or any third party not directly involved in the crash may also be questioned. Bear in mind that it is a crime to withhold or provide incorrect information about the accident.


After you fulfilled the above duties, you need to consider insurance. You might be entitled to compensation. It is best to inform your insurer about the accident if you are insured, and it is a requirement to let your insurer know.

Let your insurer know about any accident, even if you choose not to pursue a claim with your insurance because the other driver might decide to claim against you.

Even if you are confident that the other driver will not lay a lawsuit against you, you are obligated to honour your duty of disclosure by letting the insurer know of the accident.

Different types of Applicable Insurance:

  • Third-party property insurance covers you if someone else has suffered damage to their vehicles or property. This must not be distinct from Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle and the vehicles and property of others.

What is the standard settlement by car accident lawyers

Your insurance policy will stipulate all that you are covered for.

Smith’s Lawyers can relieve you of any stress associated with an insurance company dispute so that you can contact them for expert legal advice.


In life, you have to expect the unexpected. You may have made a costly driving mistake that has resulted in a collision.

Even if you are a careful driver and follow all the traffic rules, you are still at the mercy of other road users. Whatever the cause, you must ensure you fulfil your obligations to avoid being charged with a criminal offence.

Furthermore, you can ease the financial impact of an accident by seeking compensation if you are eligible.

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