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When Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

Family disputes, ranging from marriage, and divorce, to child support and adoption, are typically complicated. Like a few legal facets, family law differs in several states and countries, making it more challenging for most people involved in such disputes. Most people who choose to work on family disputes themselves often regret their decision. You should consider hiring YG Law for legal representation if you are facing the following legal matters:

1.  Common Family Issues

Types of Family Law Cases

Family lawyers have unmatched experience in handling various family matters. They can help find solutions to various issues, including:

  • Divorce cases – Most people hire family lawyers for their divorce cases. You should involve your attorney if disagreements with your partner can only be resolved through separation. Divorce often leads to other marital issues, such as child custody, visitation rights, child support, and sharing of properties. These are complicated issues that require expert help.
  • Domestic abuse – You should also hire a family attorney if your partner mistreats you. An attorney can help you learn and find precautions to guarantee safety.
  • Child adoption – Adoption procedures in different states vary and are very complicated. It can take years before a family completes an adoption procedure. While this is an excellent show of humanity, it should be done legally. A family lawyer can help you smoothen the adoption process.
  • Guardianship – Guardians often step in and help make adult decisions for children if their parents can’t provide adequate care. Family lawyers help guardians execute this within the confines of the law.

2.  Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

When to Hire a Family Law Attorney

Civil unions are legal relationships between two adults looking to enjoy marriage rights without getting into an official marriage. On the other hand, domestic partnerships are interpersonal relationships between adults who share a common life but are not married.

Unfortunately, these unions are considered illegal in some states and countries. Most people who get into these unions often want their rights to be protected, just like marriage. If you prefer this route, you should consult a family lawyer for guidance to make your union legal.

3.  Writing Estate Plans and Wills

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Drafting an estate plan is a continuous process that ensures that your assets and properties remain protected after your death or if you cannot make sound decisions. A will describes how assets and other properties should be divided among dependents. Estate plans are elaborate versions of wills that outline the ownership and management of assets. It also protects heirs from legal issues and liabilities associated with property transfers.

However, preparing a will and an estate plan often proves challenging for most families. Worth noting is the validity of these documents hinges on following the legal process when creating them. Consulting a family lawyer can help you prepare legal and valid wills and estate plans for your heirs and dependents.


Family lawyers also help solve family disputes, property damage, and if your basic rights are violated. You should also hire a lawyer if everyone lawyers up when handling family disputes, such as custody agreements and property settlements. Family lawyers are experts in handling family matters and, where necessary, prosecute the matter in court.

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