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When Your Law Firm Should & Shouldn’t Do SEO

Law firm SEO is the procedure of polishing & optimizing a law firm’s site for search engines to rank better in organic search results. This is done by using keywords, linking to other sites, having a clean URL structure and much more.

Since there are so many types of law firms, it is important to know what type of clients you are targeting and if people are searching for your services. If you practice as a criminal lawyer, find here the best service for SEO for criminal defense attorneys.

In this article, we will be looking at when and when not to invest in SEO for lawyers.

When You Should Not Invest in Attorney SEO

Law firm SEO

Below are a few reasons why your law firm might not want to invest in SEO.

You Have a Low Marketing Budget and Few in House Marketing Resources

SEO is an investment. It’s not something you can throw a few hundred dollars at and expect to see results. If you’re currently looking at your competitors who have high rankings on Google for keywords your clients are searching, they didn’t pay a cheap price to get there.

Any successful SEO campaign costs money and takes time to achieve the results you have in mind. Without time and resources in house to help with SEO initiatives, you are wasting your time and money.

Your Company Needs Results Fast

As you now know, SEO takes time. If your law firm needs results and new cases quickly, SEO is not your answer. SEO can take many months to even over a year to achieve the desired results you have in mind.

If fast results is what you have in mind, consider investing in paid advertising. Google has pay-per-click ads and pay-per-lead ads called “local services ads”. If you pay Google for these ads it is possible to rank on the first page of Google in a short period of time, but it can be costly.

When You Should Invest in Attorney SEO

Below are a few reasons why your law firm should consider investing in SEO.

SEO for law firms

SEO Increases Quality and Relevant Website Traffic

When you do SEO, you are working on getting your website and services in front of people who are actively searching for an attorney or people who think they might need an attorney. With many other marketing initiatives, your marketing to an entire city or state which isn’t always what you want.

SEO is extremely targeted while other marketing initiatives cast a wide net and hope for the best…

SEO Has High ROI

Compared to other forms of digital marketing and traditional marketing methods, SEO has much higher levels of ROI. When it comes to marketing, everyone wants an initiative that has ROI and for attorneys SEO is generally what can achieve this.

It Gives Your Law Firm More Credibility

Invest in SEO

High quality SEO gives your website more credibility because you show up for all kinds of searches across Google and other search engines. Your website itself will also have tons of information your clients can use to their benefit. The more credibility your website has, the more business you’ll be able to achieve over time.

Should You Invest in SEO?

The choice to invest in SEO is entirely up to you and the current state of your business. Depending on how you answered the questions above will give you some of the answers you need to take the next step in your SEO or digital marketing journey. We hope this information was helpful.


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