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Who Is A Chapter 12 Lawyer?

What Is Chapter 12 Bankruptcy?

Congress approved chapter 12 bankruptcy in 1986, and in 2005 it was permanently added to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code which involves a chapter 12 lawyer. There are different types of bankruptcies. Among them, chapter 12 was made keeping the distressed fishermen and farmers in mind which enables them to pay off their debts without giving up their businesses. Even though among different types of bankruptcies, chapter 12 is comparable to chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy. It’s because it has more limitations and possible rewards than chapter 13 filers. Generally, this sort of bankruptcy is less expensive and easier to complete compared to different types of bankruptcies. A petition to seek Chapter 12 under the federal U.S. Bankruptcy Code is mainly reserved for people and/or companies that fit the criteria for “family farmers” or “family fishermen” under this Act. Additionally, they must be paid a “regular yearly income” for working in these vocations.

Family farmers or family fishers who are looking for debt relief must also come up with, put out, and carry out a repayment strategy that will pay off all or a portion of their obligations. When filing for chapter 12, an individual or business must develop a strategy that can be completed in three to five years, which is comparable to the criteria for chapter 13 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court must provide whatever extra time the debtor requests if necessary.

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Chapter 12 is a particularly specific kind of bankruptcy case, it is vital to remember this. As a result, not every applicant will be granted relief under a chapter 12 case. Once again, in order to file, a debtor must fulfill a number of requirements and create a payment schedule that conforms with federal law. So, before applying for chapter 12 you should seriously consider getting additional legal representation from a local bankruptcy attorney who thoroughly understands the federal rules of bankruptcy procedure. If a chapter 12 lawyer of bankruptcy is able to inform you straight away that you do not qualify as a family farmer or fisherman or that you do not have the requisite annual income, then they may be able to save you the effort of filling out an application. Your lawyer may also advise you to file for bankruptcy under a different chapter that is more suited to your particular financial circumstances.

How Does Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Work?

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Similar to previous bankruptcy sections, a person applying for chapter 12 must gather all of their financial documents and submit the formal application, schedule, statement of financial matters, a thorough list of creditors and debts, and any other paperwork the court requests. The clerk of the bankruptcy court nearest the person’s residence or place of business must receive these documents, together with any necessary fees.

An automatic stay is placed in chapter 12 proceedings just as it is in other bankruptcy cases when a fisherman or farmer files. Creditors are not permitted to engage in some collection efforts without the bankruptcy court’s permission. The debtor and anybody else who is liable for any of the chapter 12 debtor’s consumer obligations is shielded by the automatic stay in a chapter 12 case. Instead of debts accumulated for a farming or fishing operation, this refers to loans taken for personal, familial, or domestic reasons.

In a manner similar to that which is used in other types of bankruptcies, the court may select a trustee with the responsibility of engaging in discussions with the applicant as well as the applicant’s creditors. A chapter 12 trustee will make every effort to get together a meeting of creditors as soon as practicable. During the meeting, the trustee and the creditors may ask you about your current financial condition as well as the application you submitted. Using the information you provided, they will prepare a plan for your repayment.

Under chapter 12, only small-scale fishermen and farmers are eligible to apply for bankruptcy. The criteria you must fulfill in order to apply as an individual, whether you do it alone or along with a partner, are as follows:

  • To possess a farming or fishing business.
  • A “year income on a regular basis” (Seasonal income that is trustworthy and stable is acceptable).
  • Commercial fishing or farming activities must account for half of the filer’s total revenue.
  • A farmer’s total debts cannot exceed $11,097,360, of which 50% must be attributable to agricultural activities and
  • A fisherman’s total debts cannot exceed $2,268,650, of which 80% must be attributable to fishing activities.

If a single family owns more than 50% percent of the stock or equity in a partnership or corporation, then that business may apply for bankruptcy under Chapter 12 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. (Debt estimates do not include mortgages on a person’s primary residence and are only accurate for claims submitted from April 1, 2022, and March 31, 2025.)

Hiring a professional lawyer can be crucial in navigating the complexities of filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 12, especially for businesses owned by a single family with over 50% of the stock or equity. It’s important to note that debt estimates do not include primary residence mortgages.

Chapter 12 Lawyer Of Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 Lawyer Of Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 lawyer of bankruptcy is committed to helping struggling companies resolve their financial issues promptly and successfully. Any company that has unsustainable financial commitments normally has the option to seek debt relief via bankruptcy protection. This is especially true for American family farms and fisheries, which are qualified to apply for a kind of bankruptcy designated solely for their purpose. The government permits failing farms and fisheries to apply for the protection of chapter 12 owing to the unique vulnerabilities that these enterprises may experience as a result of the unpredictable nature of the sector. Even though these regulations were passed in the 1980s, they were just recently made permanent in 2005. According to data from the American Farm Bureau Federation going back to 2007, there have been close to 5,700 chapter 12 claims filed since that time. The provisions that chapter 12 contains enable farmers and fishermen to go on with their commercial activities while also providing much-needed financial assistance.

The best alternative for you might be chapter 12 if you run or own family farms or fisheries and are having trouble paying your debts. To discuss the specifics of your case and determine if chapter 12 would be appropriate for you, get in touch with a local law firm and arrange a consultation with an experienced chapter 12 lawyer of bankruptcy. Chapter 12 of bankruptcy filing might be difficult if you are not acquainted with the federal rules of bankruptcy procedure. The long-term best course of action for you and your possessions will be to hire a chapter 12 lawyer of bankruptcy. It is dangerous to attempt to handle the law independently since it is difficult. The very last thing you want to do is take any risks with a company you have created and depend on for income.

Chapter 12 lawyer

Chapter 12 lawyers know bankruptcy law. They may assess your situation and answer your concerns. Hiring a professional will secure the best possible result for you. When making future choices, everyone wants the best for their company and themselves. Therefore, you need to be cautious while selecting a bankruptcy attorney for a chapter 12 case understanding the federal rules of bankruptcy procedure. This article provides a concise explanation of the chapter 12 lawyer of bankruptcy, which should make it easier for you to see why it is beneficial for you to work with a chapter 12 lawyer of bankruptcy given the specifics of your situation.

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