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Why Hire A Sports Lawyer And What Does He Or She Do?

Amateur and professional athletes of any sports need to be well advised, otherwise, they will put their career in sport at risk.

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That said, the question remains: do you know what a sports lawyer does, and why would anyone need to hire such professionals?

Hire a Sports Lawyer

We contacted betting, and sports overall expert Kate Richardson, who summed up every aspect of what’s behind the sports lawyer figure, and why do we need a sports lawyer?. If you want to get to know her better, check her profile.

Without further ado, let’s get things started!

Who Is The Sports Lawyer?

A sports lawyer is a professional who advises athletes, clubs, sports associations, sponsors, etc.

Those who wish to practice this profession must have completed at least four years of continuous professional practice in sports law. To this end, the lawyer must submit an application to obtain the certificate of specialization in sports law.

Some areas where a sports lawyer might be useful are the following ones:

  • Contract law
  • Image rights
  • Tax law
  • Company law
  • Insurance liability and legislation
  • Labor law

What Services Does A Sports Law Attorney Provide?

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In the world of sport, sports lawyers for soccer players and for other areas might come in handy when facing legal trials.

Due to its gigantic dimensions, and overall impact on society, soccer is the field where sports lawyers have been making the most out of it. Therefore, it is normal that its regulation is more demanding and that many other agents are involved in the process.

In the soccer niche, a sports lawyer can offer some essential services. Answering the question of what is a sports lawyer’s job, we can mention, for example, legal transfer procedures, and the preparation of contracts relating to transfer operations.

Some recent events where these professionals got every spotlight were on the episodes involving Chelsea, Man City, and PSG, who were taken to court due to financial fair play, and transfer-related issues.

They were all very fortunate to have counted on reliable lawyers, who made sure they could keep competing in UEFA competitions. Actually, last year’s final involved Man City and Chelsea, with the latter bringing the cup back home.

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What Does A Sports Lawyer Do?

The sports lawyer works in various situations. Discover some of them below.

Assistance In Contract Analysis

One of the main functions of the sports lawyer is to participate in negotiations between athletes and clubs (or sponsors). Participation in these processes includes advising on the analysis of contracts and their consonance with their client’s interests.

Assistance in Contract Analysis

In addition to the employment contract, players may need assistance in contracts, mainly involving image rights, arena rights, and all other documents necessary for the regularization of the legal relationship between the professional and the contracting club.

Legal Advice Regarding Visas

Many athletes are hired to work at clubs overseas. Thus, it may be necessary to forward a series of important documents, including a workers’ visa.

The sports lawyer may be very helpful throughout this process, providing all the guidelines and recommendations for the professional to travel safely and be able to practice the sport abroad.

In addition, legal advice extends to any other act or contract related to the contracting team, including with regard to the legislation in force in that country.

Specialized Advice For Underaged Athletes

Another important function of the sports legal advice is related to athletes under 18 years of age or legally considered “incapable for the acts of civil life”.

These athletes need a special legal apparatus, guaranteeing their safety and the possibility of exercising their activities without worries or risks.

The lawyer helps in all spheres, from the issue of representation to the receipt of labor rights and other aspects related to the contracts maintained between the underage athlete and the contracting club.


Choosing high-end sports lawyers is vital for succeeding. Understanding sports law gives the athlete a clearer perspective on how essential the lawyer is in defending their interests.

With this support, the player can focus on professional development while the legal counsel takes care of the well-being and safety of him and his entire family.

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