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Why Is It More Dangerous To Ride A Motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is considered to be much riskier than driving a car. Why is that?

Although obvious, the most important thing to take into account is that the motorcycle is much lighter and smaller. It just has 2 wheels and the rider is not enclosed in a metal box that has reinforcements, as is the case with regular vehicles. Riding the motorcycle can only be considered riskier. Also, in the unwanted event that an accident happens, according to an experienced Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney, there is a much higher possibility that the motorcycle rider will die or end up with a very serious injury.

Statistics show us that the motorcycle rider is almost 30 times more likely to end up dead after an accident. This is done in comparison to driving a car or being just a passenger. Besides this, we should highlight that riding the motorcycle also has some extra risks to know. The big ones are presented below.

Less Visibility

Less Visibility

The motorcycle is smaller and can easily end up concealed by objects present off the road and even on the road. As a result, it is much more difficult for the cars to see them. This is particularly the case when thinking about intersections.

Road Hazards

Some things that would have zero effect on the car, like uneven road surfaces, wet pavement, smaller objects, or debris, can end up causing a crash for the motorcycle. In fact, motorcyclists need to be much more careful about road hazards than car drivers.

Zero Barrier

We talk about the barrier present between the road and the rider. The car passengers are protected by a metal container. This is not the case with the biker. Also, there is no seatbelt on a motorcycle and most bikes lack airbags of any kind. You can and should wear your motorcycle helmet. It does offer protection but not as much as you think. If you decide not to wear the helmet, there is a much higher possibility of ending up dead after an accident. Unfortunately, only 70% of the riders wear a helmet.

Lower Stability

Lower Stability

Two wheeled vehicles are not as stable as four wheeled vehicles. This is particularly true when swerving or after an emergency brake. In addition, many motorcycle accidents end up being caused because of the front wheel wobbling, which happens at higher speeds.

Difficulty And Skill Levels

You need more skill to ride a motorcycle than to drive the car. There are several unskilled riders on the road. They actually make up a really large part of motorcycle accidents. In fact, statistics point out that around 25% of the motorcyclists killed during crashes do not even have a legal motorcycle license. As the driver of a car, this is something you have to worry about when on the road.

High-Risk Behavior

High-Risk Behavior

Last but not least, powerful bikes do encourage fast accelerating, speeding, and several other high-risk behaviors. You can reduce all of these risks if you are cautious and you do not overdo it. But, this is not as common as it should be.

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