Tattoo Shop Facing a Lawsuit
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5 Situations That Could Lead to Your Tattoo Shop Facing a Lawsuit

Booking that tattoo appointment will keep you excited for days or weeks until that day comes. You have been planning this cool tattoo and you cannot wait to finally get it on your body forever. Whether this is your first tattoo or not, the hype is real.

However, what can you do when the thing you were looking so forward to is ruined by an unprofessional tattoo artist? Can you sue a tattoo shop if something bad happens to the inked area during or after the appointment?

If you own a tattoo shop and want to avoid problems, here are 5 situations that could throw a tattoo shop into a lawsuit.

1. An Infection

Tattoo Shop

That new piece of artwork on someone’s skin requires good care in the first few weeks. After all, it is an open wound, so one must not play around with it.

Now, whether your client has other tattoos or is getting their first one, it is your responsibility as a tattoo artist to give them some aftercare tips for the fresh piece. Not following these instructions can lead to infections.

Infections are one of the most common situations that lead to a tattoo shop facing a lawsuit. While most of the time infections result from the artist’s failure to provide good instruction, they might also be the result of improperly cleaned hands or equipment.

When tattooing someone, you must always wear gloves. And while gloves are necessary, that doesn’t mean you can just forget to wash your hands beforehand.

Your equipment must also be sterilized before each use. Otherwise, the client can deal with serious consequences and might sue you.

2. Having an Allergic Reaction

This doesn’t happen all the time, but a client can experience an allergic reaction to a substance you apply on the skin before inking. Actually, even some of the pigments you use in the tattoos can lead to bad reactions.

Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction, a client might decide to sue your tattoo shop. This way, they seek to get compensation.


3. A Failed Tattoo

Failed Tattoo

No matter how easy or complicated your client’s tattoo is, there is one thing to keep in mind: a tattoo is permanent. There are tattoo removal services that people can pay for when they no longer want a piece on their skin. They also have the option to cover it later. Still, that doesn’t mean you can make no effort to make it look good.

Whether it is a small or simple tattoo or a big, complex piece, you must do everything in your power to provide your client with good work. If you don’t do this and end up ruining the tattoo, the client has the right to sue you – especially when the result is disastrous.

The tattoo will lead to permanent changes to one’s appearance, so you should take it seriously.

4. Slip and Fall Accidents

Clients can slip and fall in a tattoo shop just like they would in any other place. If there is a spill on the floor that you knew about but didn’t clean or didn’t warn the client about, you can be directly responsible for any injuries sustained by this person. The same applies to cords that the visitor or client might trip over.

To avoid such things, it is crucial to remove any dangers from the tattoo shop and warn clients about potential injury risks. However, if the client or visitor gets injured, your shop could be sued for compensation.

In the state of Indiana, the injured individual will have to prove that you were aware of the safety hazard and that there was a safety risk that led to the slip and fall. The person might hire an Indiana personal injury lawyer as well.

5. Getting Injured While Being Tattooed

Being Tattooed

Accidental injuries can happen while you are tattooing someone. You are operating dangerous equipment that uses needles, and there is always a risk there, even when you or the other tattoo artists are well-trained. You might accidentally injure a client with this equipment.

Following such an injury, the client might end up suing the tattoo shop.

The Bottom Line

Owning a tattoo shop comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure you provide your clients with high-quality tattoos. Also, you must ensure that none of your customers get injured. If you are not careful enough, you can face a lawsuit.

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